Autumn Reeser
Autumn Reeser describes her Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Midnight Masquerade" as a reverse Cinderella story of sorts. Autumn plays a candy company heiress in search of a masked man she meets at a masquerade ball, but leaves at the stroke of midnight. The actress also mentions another film she's working on for Hallmark Channel, "I Do, I Do, I Do." Find out who Autumn brings along in her entourage when traveling from set to set, including her adorable 10-month-old baby. Aside from juggling two small kids and memorizing lines, Autumn recently fulfilled a lifelong goal by completing her college degree in theater.
The Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Midnight Masquerade" premieres this Saturday, September 27 at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel.

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Former White House Chef Sam Morgante

Former White House Chef Sam Morgante has prepared meals for the Clintons, Bushs, and Obamas. To earn his way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Sam began flipping pancakes and enlisted as a Navy chef on a submarine. He tells us all about interviewing for the job with President Clinton. He explains how the "knockdown box" can save the Commander in Chief's life and what it's like flying on Air Force One. Plus, find out about the special treats Sam would whip up to celebrate birthdays and why it's mandatory to keep knives away from all presidents. Next, Sam shares the Bush Family's Tex-Mex Tacos and Laura Bush's Guacamole recipes. Don't forget to visit FormerWhiteHouseChefs.comfor more.

Detection of Early Alzheimer's with Dr. Keith Black
Professor and Chair of Cedars-Sinai's Department of Neurology Dr. Keith Black introduces us to a test that can detect early signs of Alzheimer's. Doctors use the eye as a window to the brain. Currently in clinical trials, Dr. Black is hoping the FDA will approve this procedure in a year and a half. Find out how curcumin found in the Indian spice tumeric can help with the prognosis.

Henry Zebrowski
Actor Henry Zebrowski schools us in the ABC's of his new sitcom "A to Z," teasing a handful of possible outcomes in the storyline. Plus, hear stories of his experience working with Leonardo DiCaprio on "Wolf of Wall Street."
Be sure to check out "A-Z" on Thursday, October 2 at 9:30/8:30c on NBC. The premiere is also available now at

Tailgate Party with Kym Douglas & Matt Rogers
Are you ready for some football? Kym Douglas and Matt Rogers sure are! They are getting the party started with the ultimate tailgate celebration. Roll out astroturf and set up goal posts to bring the field to the parking lot. Make custom printed university shirts with your name on it and put all your belongings in a clear purse to speed through the security line when it's time to head into the stadium. And, go for a spin on this ride-a-long cooler/scooter combo.
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Safety Tips for Caring for a Deaf Pet
Dog trainer Laura Nativo is shedding light on deaf pets during Deaf Dog Awareness Week, which is observed from September 21-27. Today, Australian Cattle Dog puppy Quinn joins us to demonstrate how well she's learned to respond to hand signals, American Sign Language, and detect vibrations despite not being able to hear. Find out which breeds are more prone than others to be born deaf and what pet owners should look for as a sign that hearing loss has occurred. The sky is the limit for deaf dogs. They can be service or therapy animals. Laura does inform us that Cochlear Implants and hearing aids are available to pooches, but are very expensive.

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Viewer Reaction to Mark's Final Goodbye to Childhood Home
Earlier this week, Mark shared his personal journey back home to Iowa to clear out his childhood home. This resonated with "Home & Family" viewers, who flooded our Facebook with comments about how they relate and connect to this story. Today, we re-visit Mark's trip down memory lane and read some fan feedback.

Air Guitar Star
Laura Nativo, Debbie Matenopoulos, and Matt Rogers are dressed and ready to party like rockstars in a game we like to call "Air Guitar Star." Costumed as George Thorogood, Laura proves she is "Bad to the Bone." With her baby due any day now, Debbie gets used to saying "Cuchi Cuchi Coo" as Charo. And, last but certainly not least, the artist formerly known as Matt turns into rock royalty as Prince.
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