"The Nine Lives of Christmas" star Gregory Harrison
From the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "The Nine Lives of Christmas," actor Gregory Harrison joins the show! In the film Gregory plays a fire captain who is also the father figure to Brandon Routh’s character, Zachary Stone. Today Gregory shares a scene from the movie and later, chats about his own childhood on scenic Catalina Island.

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Dorie Greenspan's Custardy Apple Bars
Author of 11 cookbooks and winner of 4 James Beard awards, Dorie Greenspan shares a recipe from her latest cookbook, "Baking Chez Moi." Before she starts baking, Dorie shares the story of her first attempt at cooking, which ended with her burning her parents' kitchen to the ground. Years later, Dorie is on“Home & Family” to share her recipe for yummy custardy apple bars!

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Tanya Memme's Thanksgiving Kiddie Tablescape
Lifestyle expert Tanya Memme shows how to make an extra special kids table this Thanksgiving. Tanya's kiddie tablescape is filled with great Thanksgiving themed crafts and treats for all your little pilgrims. And, to finish off the tablescape, Tanya shows how to make a festive hanging turkey centerpiece.

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Making your Man's Clothes Yours with Lawrence Zarian
Style expert Lawrence Zarian discusses the secrets to menswear-inspired fashion for women. Beginning with Marlene Dietrich in the 30's and making a return in the 70's with Diane Keaton in "Annie Hall," menswear-inspired fashion has become a staple of women’s fashion. In this segment Lawrence shows how every woman can get a brand new look simply by raiding her man’s closet.

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S. Epatha Merkerson on Living with Type 2 Diabetes
From the hit series "Law & Order," actress S. Epatha Merkerson discusses her latest role as an ambassador for type 2 diabetes. The award-winning actress discusses how being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes served as a much needed wake-up call. S. Epatha then discusses the lifestyle changes and struggles she's endured in order to control her condition. And later, S. Epatha talks about her partnership with The American Diabetes Association to challenge Americans living with type 2 diabetes to know the importance of their A1C and to talk to their doctor about setting and reaching their own A1C goals!

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Ken Wingard's Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Lifestyle expert Ken Wingard shows how to create a beautiful and sparkly Thanksgiving centerpiece. Using items from nature and a healthy portion of glitter, Ken shows how to make a stunning centerpiece, full of fall colors.

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Peter Greenberg's Holiday Travel Tips
Travel expert Peter Greenberg discusses what you need to know before finalizing your holiday travel plans. Peter first discusses the changes in the airline industry and how those changes will impact your travel plans. Then Peter offers some money saving travel tips, and offers some special advice for anyone traveling with children.

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Cristina Ferrare's Christmas Mantelpiece Display
Deck the mantelpiece using these great tips from Cristina Ferrare! Today Cristina shares some simple tips for making a stunning Christmas mantelpiece display. Plus, Cristina's mantelpiece display is not only beautiful to see, but it also plays cheery holiday music all season long!

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Cristina’s Top Three Tips for the Perfect Mantelpiece Display:

  1. Play with levels – You don’t have to arrange things small to big, big to small. You can arrange smaller things on the outside to larger going in, or vice versa. You can stagger heights of objects. Get creative with what appeals to your eyes.
  2. The Rule of 3’s! The human eye loves to look at objects grouped in 3’s. Group your mantelpiece items in groups of three for a pleasing visual.
  3. Create vignettes – Don’t just put items up randomly; create little scenes. Create a story with your items. Guests looking at the items will create stories of their own!

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Giles Robinson's Holiday Hair Tips
Celebrity hairstylist Giles Robinson has spent his career working with some of Hollywood's biggest names. Today Giles shows how to you can create a red carpet look in the comfort of your home. Among his tips, Giles shows how to achieve the Hollywood curl and shares some great tips on covering unwanted grey.

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Giving Back for the Holidays with Jeanette Pavini
Consumer savings expert Jeanette Pavini shares some special ways we can all give back during the holidays. Unlike writing a check, in this segment Jeanette discusses ways your holiday purchases can double as a donation to help those in need.

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