Tim Matheson
Actor and director Tim Matheson visits "Home & Family" again, this time sharing the audition process and set secrets from "Animal House." He and Cristina flashback to adorable photos of their kids spending quality time together as young children. Plus, Tim chats about his current role on "Hart of Dixie."
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Fabio Viviani Cooks Whatever Is Available Soup

Fabio Viviani Teaches Tim Matheson to Cook

Tim Matheson sticks around to get schooled in the kitchen by chef Fabio Viviani, who teaches him to bake homemade Tuscan bread. Fabio explains how you can cook the loaf to your desired crispiness or softness. Then, he raids our pantry and fridge for all the ingredients to make his "whatever is available soup." Without letting any leftover food go to waste, Fabio whips up a hearty minestrone soup.

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Carey Brothers Talk Textiles

Carey Bros. Talk Textiles
James and Morris Carey continue the "Home & Family" bathroom upgrade. Today, they discuss finding a complementary, neutral color palette when choosing textiles. Remember, you can jazz it up with colorful accessories! The Carey Bros. also emphasize the importance of durability, easy maintanence, and finishes that appeal to the masses so your investment results in a good resale value of your home. They give us a sneak peek at what the "H&F" bathroom will look like and suggest you too take advantage of virtual imaging technology before commiting to anything permanent. And, Mark installs insulation.

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Tanya Memme Gets a Mammogram
After prolonging getting her first mammogram, Tanya Memme is taking control of her health. Live on "Home & Family," she bravely gets screened and is relieved at how painfree the experience turns out to be. Debbie Wright, Founder & Executive Director of A Vision of Health, performs the procedure and educates us on when women should begin screening if they have a family history of cancer, the best time of month to get a mammogram, the frequency of testing, and the importance of performing self breast exams. She also explains how cancer can be hidden when women have dense breasts and the additional testing required to detect cancer in those cases. Tune in on Monday, when Tanya will eagerly receive her mammogram results.

Facts & Figures:
1. Start annual mammograms by age 40.
2. Mammograms are the best option for early detection. 3. Recent study of first-timers says 32% don't keep their appointment. 4. 70% of women with breast cancer have no family history. 5. Mammograms have low risk of radiation. Digital imaging delivers 50% less radiation than conventional x-rays. 6. Mammograms decrease breast cancer death by 29%. 7. Discuss breast health plan with your doctor. Screening Rates:
2005-2010: 67%
2000: 70% 1987: 29% Please visit A Vision of Health at for further information. And, we'd like to thank Mobile Digital Mammography by Inner Images, Inc.

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Matt Rogers Performs
Family member Matt Rogers tells us how much of a family man he is. He shares a personal video of his son's first roller coaster ride and talks about his family's annual vacation in Tahoe. Then, Matt and his band perform "Heaven's Red, White, and Blue" and he explains the meaning behind the lyrics.

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Shirley Bovshow Plants Garlic

Shirley Bovshow Plants Garlic
Shirley Bovshow informs us that its best to plant garlic in the fall for a summer harvest. She introduces us to a small fraction of the more than 10,000 varieties that exist in the world. Just like wine, Shirley explains that garlic flavor is affected by the region and soil it grows in. She also suggests using organic liquid kelp to help the plant grow. for $18 per pound.

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The Real Mom Workout with Jill Simonian
Eager to bounce back after baby? Jill Simonian demonstrates an exercise routine to help you get in shape all while bonding with your new bundle of joy. She shows us simple fitness moves using the stroller and on a mat that can be performed in short spurts. But, Jill cautions moms from having unrealistic expectations and suggests consulting with your physician before resuming exercise following giving birth. The 4moms Origami Mini Stroller is available at

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