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Today on Home & Family Friday, May 31st, 2013

La Toya Jackson
Get ready for a revealing look at the life of one of the youngest members of America's Royal Family of Music, The Jacksons. Today Mark & Cristina welcome the one and only La Toya Jackson to Home & Family! LaToya opens up about her years in an abusive relationship and offers hope, advice, and inspiration for anyone suffering from domestic abuse. Plus, we get a sneak peek at La Toya the businesswoman, through a clip of her new reality show, " Life with La Toya." And later, we find out what La Toya misses most about her mega star brother, Michael.

Keep up with La Toya Jackson online at La ToyaOnline.com and on twitter @La ToyaJackson.

You can watch “Life with La Toya” on Saturday nights at 9:30/8:30c on OWN!

The Home & Family Wedding Series - DIY Lace Lanterns with Jessie Jane
The Home & Family Wedding series continues today with some more great crafts from lifestyle expert Jessie Jane. Today Jessie adds more elements to the wedding decor, when she teaches Gabi & Charlie how to make DIY lace lanterns. Jessie's lace lantern crafts are both simple and elegant, while still being budget friendly.

And you can get more great craft projects from Jessie Jane at lilyshop.com.

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Cristina Cooks - Tomato Mozzarella Tower
With her special sous chef La Toya Jackson, Cristina shares a recipe for an amazing summer treat. Using heirloom tomatoes, today Cristina shows how to make a stunning Tomato Mozzarella Tower. Served with a simple shallot bacon dressing, Cristina's Tomato Mozzarella Tower is the perfect complement to the quintessential summer fruit.

And, get more recipes and crafts from Cristina at pinterest.com/hallmarkchannel!

The Baby Bounce Back with Jill Simonian
New and FABmom Jill Simonian is back today with advice for new moms on how to get their groove back! From nursing lingerie to nutrient-rich cookies, Jill has some great product ideas for new moms looking to put that bounce back in their step. Plus, Jill has some amazing beauty products for busy new moms who just want a fast refresher after being awake all night with a baby.

And, make sure you check out Jill Simonian at www.theFABmom.com.

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Acne 101 with Dr. Sandra Lee
While we typically think of acne as a problem for teenagers, acne will affect 90% of Americans at various points in our lives. Today dermatologist, Dr. Sandra Lee stops by to share useful information on acne triggers and treatments. From hormones to food, Dr. Lee explains many of the root causes of acne breakouts while dispelling some common myths. Plus, Dr. Lee explains some of the most common treatments, including over the counter and prescription remedies.

For more information on Dr. Sandra Lee visit www.skinps.com.

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Tips on Curb Appeal with Jason Cameron
When buying or selling a home, having a manicured landscape can enhance curb appeal and make all the difference on a successful sale. Sharing some useful tips today on improving your curb appeal is the host of "Desperate Landscapes", Jason Cameron. Today Jason walks through the Home & Family front yard to demonstrate the do's and don'ts of landscaping while offering some simple tips to help grow your home's curb appeal!

And get more great tips on manicuring your lawn at trugreen.com.

DIY Serving Trays with Tracy Metro
The one and only Tracy Metro is back today with another fantastic craft for you and your family. Today Tracy demonstrates a simple way to create personalized serving trays! Just in time for a cool drink in the warm summer sun, Tracy's DIY serving trays are simple enough to make and with a little creativity, can be fun for the entire family!

And get more great tips and crafts from Tracy Metro at domesticcircus.com and on twitter @tracymetro.

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Mark & Tanya Memme's DIY Play Kitchen
It's time for a little child's play with lifestyle expert and host of " Sell This House: Extreme," Tanya Memme! Today Tanya (with help from Mark) shows how to turn an outdated entertainment center into a fun and interactive play kitchen. Perfect for the little chef in your home, Tanya's DIY play kitchen costs a fraction of those in stores and allows you to add a personal touch to an amazing kids' toy!

Get tips and more from Tanya Memme at tanyamemme.com.

Make sure you catch Tanya Memme on "Sell This House: Extreme," Saturdays at 10a/9c on A&E!