Jessica Kishner Morgan
Twenty-five-year-old actress Jessica Kishner Morgan is excited about getting her big break as a guest star on this Sunday's episode of the Hallmark Channel Original Series "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." In the plot, her character Ellie receives a letter in the mail she had written herself seven years prior with the intent of it arriving at the 10 year mark. In the note, she predicts who she will marry and is now resolute to make her dreams come true three years ahead of schedule. Jessica tells us about the struggles she faces with Down's Syndrome and shares an inspiring message to not allow obstacles to get in the way of achieving goals. Her mom, Sara, chimes in from the audience. Then, Jessica teaches Mark to rhumba.
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Matt Rogers Performs

In honor of Memorial Day, Matt Rogers talks about what a privilege it is to perform for troops serving our country. Then, he and his band play "God Bless the USA." Later, they return to the stage for another patriotic tune, "American I Am." Check out TV personality and country singer Matt Rogers at

Cristina Cooks Peach Tea Brined Chicken

Cristina Cooks a Memorial Day Picnic
The entire family gathers in the backyard for a Memorial Day picnic! Cristina gives a tutorial on how to brine chicken in sweet tea before grilling it. Then, she makes bourbon-peach bbq sauce with habanero to slather on top. All the family members contribute to the potluck. Mark brings a falll-off-the-bone tender rack of ribs. Using ingredients fresh from the garden, Shirley serves garlic edamame and corn salad. Debbie mixes together a traditional Greek salad, while Sophie assembles a kale platter presented on a palm frond. Tanya and Ken share family recipes for classic mac 'n cheese and cole slaw, respectively. Kym brings deviled eggs and Matt a dish of potato salad. Jessie gets chocolately with her s'mores pie. Later, the family has a blast during "Home & Family's" Annual Memorial Day Pie Eating Contest.
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Sugar Ant Traps with Sophie Uliano

Sugar Ant Traps with Sophie Uliano
Sophie Uliano prescribes a safe way to get rid of kitchen sugar ants without bringing toxins into your home. She mixes a lethal potion of sugar water and borax in a mason jar to attract and exterminate the colony of bugs. Sophie explains how to dethrone the queen ant by making a trail of sugar with borax.
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Oxygen Facial with Kate Somerville

Celebrity esthetician Kate Somerville, founder of Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts, has helped Debra Messing, Jessica Alba, Paris Hilton, and Kate Walsh get red carpet ready. Now, you too can get the Hollywood glow with her over-the-counter skincare products. Learn how an oxygen facial plumps and lifts your skin, while getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, with the DermalQuench Oxygen Treatment or its at-home serum equivalent that will lift and hydrate your face before a special occasion. Kate demonstrates the procedure on model Katie Page. Kate also reminds us about the importance of exfoliation and sun protection during the summer months. For more great ways to keep your skin glowing all summer long and get Kate's incredible skincare line, be sure to check out

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Throw a Birthday "Paw-ty" for Your Dog with Dr. Heather Loenser

Veterinarian Dr. Heather Loenser unleashes woof-tastic ways to make your pooch feel like the top dog on his/her birthday. She discovers an app that allows you to record your pet's voice on a digital invitation. First and foremost, she creates a healthy, fun, and safe environment for all the four-legged friends attending this paw-ty. She makes sure all the dogs get along so aggression isn't displayed and that the fur buddies have a place to relax. Plus, she recommends fencing in your yard if the pups will be playing outdoors. No birthday party would be complete without cake and Dr. Loenser serves healthy treats yummy for canines and humans alike. Breath freshener is available at

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The Bubbletastic Bubble Machine, available at, uses bacon scented bubbles.

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Dr. Sanford Chen

Opthalmologist Dr. Sanford Chen, MD, O.C. Retina Medical Group affiliated with St. Joseph Health System, has eye-opening news about the importance of annual eye exams. He uses visual aids to conceptualize how a normal healthy retina and optical nerve should appear. The doctor illustrates how the condition of eyes can indicate very serious health issues, such as hypertension, diabetes, leukemia, anemia, papilledema, and metastatic cancerous tumors. This is why it's essential for an opthalmologist to dilate your pupils yearly to get a good look in the back of your eye.

Pumpkin Growing with Shirley Bovshow

Pumpkin Growing with Shirley Bovshow
It may only be Memorial Day weekend, but it's already time to start planning for Halloween if you want to harvest pumpkins. Shirley Bovshow teaches us the tricks to grow a pumpkin patch in the "Home & Family" yard. She prepares a spacious area that gets a lot of direct sunlight and then plants the seeds. Then, Shirley gives us caretaking instructions. Tomorrow, she'll return to plant sunflowers to accompany the pumpkins.

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