Workday & Weekend Fashion with Debbie Matenopoulos
Debbie Matenopoulos shows you how to turn your workday wardrobe into weekend fashion! Girls think that they need to entirely revamp their wardrobe. Often times, you can turn your dressy clothes casual and casual clothes dressy by just changing a few pieces. Maximize your wardrobe on a budget!
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Dallas Lovato and Mychal Simka

Dallas Lovato & Mychal Simka
From "Birds of Paradise," actress Dallas Lovato and director Mychal Simka flock to "Home & Family" to share a clip of the film. Dallas explains how Mychal's animation process differs from the typical animated feature. Many times, he calls her at the last minute to voice multiple characters on any given project. Mychal tells us how he uses animation created in a foreign country. Then, Mark and Cristina lend their voices to a couple of illustrated creatures.
"Birds of Paradise" will be available April 1 on DVD at Walmart, on Digital HD, and Video on Demand.

Asparagus Quiche with Asparagus Salad

Josie Le Balch Cooks Asparagus Quiche with Asparagus Salad
Chef and restaurateur Josie Le Balch shares her recipes for asparagus quiche and asparagus salad. To make the quiche cheesy, Josie mixes Gruyere and Swiss cheeses, creating a great texture. Then, she shows us how to cut and peel asparagus without a crumb going to waste. Plus, the chef assembles a raw asparagus salad with lemon, olive oil, and salt & pepper with salty ricotta cheese.

Protecting Your Eyes from Springtime Allergies with Dr. Elise Brisco

Don't blink! This is a segment seasonal allergy sufferers won't want to miss. Dr. Elise Brisco, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD of the California Optometric Association explains why the increased pollen count in spring causes eyes to get itchy, red, and watery. To avoid getting addicted to eye drops, she prefers to treat her patients' underlying issues rather than the symptoms. Dr. Brisco also tells parents how they can protect their children from dust mites by putting their stuffed animals in the freezer. Plus, she introduces us to allergy covers for pillows and comforters.

DIY Easter Egg Treat with Jessie Jane

DIY Easter Egg Treat with Jessie Jane
Jessie Jane makes adorable Cadbury Eggs filled with cream cheese filling for Easter. It's supposed to look like a cracked shell, so jagged edges are okay. She cautions us to whip the cream for only three minutes, otherwise it'll turn into butter if stirred any longer. and Facebook.

When Fashion Hurts with Kym Douglas

Sacrificing comfort for beauty can do more harm than good. Kym Douglas explains the health hazards of compression garments. She introduces a new product, Kevel Perfect Fit, which allows the waistband of your jeans to expand with you after large meal. To prevent the longterm poor posture and back issues caused by high heels, Kym suggests always packing a pair of fold-up flats. And, lugging around excessively heavy purses can lead to improper balance, bad shoulders, and spinal problems, so Kym showcases some bag designs to alleviate the stress put on our bodies. Follow her on Twitter @KymDouglas and like her on Facebook.

Spring Cleaning Tips from Viewers

"Home & Family" viewers have been kind enough to share their words of wisdom about sprucing up our homes for spring. One audience member suggests opening windows to get fresh air circulating through your home, while another jokes you should take the easy way out and call a housekeeper. To clean windows without leaving streaks behind, a fan advices us to use dryer sheets. Consider putting your kids to work by making toilet scrubbing fun. And, de-clutter your humble abode by hosting a yard sale or donating items. Plus, Mark and Cristina demonstrate how to freshen up fabric with Febreze's allergen reducing formula. The 5 C's in the Home that Attract Allergens:
1. Couches
2. Cushions 3. Carpets 4. Curtains 5. Comforters Five tips submitted by viewers>> Please visit to learn more.

Nick Wechsler

From "Revenge," actor Nick Wechsler shares a behind-the-scenes story of how a crew member sought revenge from one of his co-stars! He also takes us back to when he first got bitten by the acting bug in high school and gets us caught up on his "Revenge" character's story arc. Then, he tells us about learning to drive a stick shift as he gears up to hit the track for charity in the 2014 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Pro/Celebrity Race. " Revenge" airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC. For event information about the 2014 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Pro/Celebrity Race, check out

Follow Nick on Twitter @nick_wechsler.

Cristina Cooks Rhubarbecue Ribs

Cristina Cooks Rhubarbecue Ribs
Skyping in from Albuquerque, NM, RD Stendel-Freels shares his rhubarbecue ribs recipe he submitted to "Taste of Home." He tells us how he experimented through trial and error before perfecting the equation. Strawberries and bourbon add a smokey flavor to the seasoned sauce. Finally, Cristina is excited to taste rhubarb for the first time ever!

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