Happy Birthday Mark!
It's a special day on Home & Family as we all join in celebrating Mark's Birthday! We can't imagine the show without Mark's amazing spirit, and on behalf of everyone at Hallmark Channel and Home & Family, please join us in wishing Mark a very Happy Birthday!

Glee's Dot Marie Jones

"Glee's" Dot Marie Jones
Today Dot Marie Jones opens up today about a horrific accident that nearly took her life. Just before Christmas, Dot and her partner were involved in a horrific head on collision. The force of the crash threw Dot's truck more than 30 feet, leaving her and her partner hospitalized for days. Now on the mend, Dot shares how the accident moved her to do more for others, including a very special 9-year old from Toronto. Dot shares the truly inspirational story of Sophie Sullivan, who lost most of her motor skills to a rare brain condition.

Aura Expert Pam Oslie
Joining Home & Family today is aura expert Pam Oslie. Simply put, auras are the colored energy field that resonates around an individual. Today Pam explains what the aura colors say about many facets of our lives. Plus, Pam reads the aura colors of Mark, Cristina, and some of today's guests.

You can find our more about aura colors on Pam’s website

DIY Personalized Chic Gifts Rachel Hollis
Here to show you how to transform everyday items into chic gifts is lifestyle expert Rachel Hollis. Rachel, Mark, & Cristina make a special assortment of party favors and hostess gifts with items everyone has lying around the home. Rachel's crafts are perfect for your next housewarming party or for a fun crafting weekend at home! and on twitter @MsRachelHollis.

Author of "The MELT Method" Sue Hitzmann
Manual therapist and author of " The MELT Method" Sue Hitzmann stops by with a new technique to relieve chronic pain. Sue's "MELT Method" addresses the root causes of chronic pain by hydrating connective tissues. Today Sue walks through some of the basic movements of "The MELT Method," demonstrating how to relive chronic pain in the comfort of your home.

Learn more about Sue Hitzmann's "MELT Method" at

Silk Printing with Tamara Berg

DIY Silk Printing with Tamara Berg
Crafter extraordinaire Tamara Berg shares tips for silk screen printing in your home. Screen printed items can be pricey in the store, but with Tamara's tips, you'll be able to screen print anything with just a few simple steps.

Natalie Forte's Tropical Rainbow Salad Recipe

Host of "America's Best Bites," Natalie Forté
Taking over the Home & Family kitchen today is the host of "America's Best Bites," Natalie Forté! Famous for featuring the America's best hidden eateries, today Natalie shares a collection of recipes inspired by her travels.


You can watch “ America’s Best Bites” on the Cooking Channel, Saturday’s at 4:30pm eastern. Check your local listings for additional dates and times. For more information visit

The H&F Wedding Series - Bridesmaids Jewlery

The Home & Family Wedding Series
Here comes the bride, and her bridesmaids! Today Gabi and her closest girlfriends get help picking out the right wedding day jewelry with Stella and Dot stylist Jennifer Galva. Not only does Jennifer perfectly pair the necklaces with the bridesmaids' dresses, but she also offers some useful tips on summer bridal styles. Plus, Gabi brought along some pictures from her recent bridal shower!

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