Sarah Lancaster
From the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Looking For Mr. Right," actress Sarah Lancaster describes her character Annie, an unpublished writer who is distraught after her boyfriend cheats. She dreams up her perfect guy in a work of fiction she titles "My George." Her publisher insists that Annie have a real George at her side when promoting the book, forcing her to materialize her fantasy man in a hurry. In real life, Sarah is a firm believer in finding love when you least expect it. She tells us how she found her Mr. Right very unexpectedly as the SXSW music festival in Austin, TX. The lovebirds are now the proud parents of a three-year-old son Oliver.
The Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Looking For Mr. Right" premieres Saturday, June 7 at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel. Follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahmlancaster.

Cristina Makes Milkshakes

Cristina Makes Milkshakes
Cristina's milkshakes bring all the family to the counter! She shares her recipes for a strawberry angel food milkshake, as well as a coffee and donut milkshake. Meanwhile, Mark enjoys a very special vanilla Oreo with mint chocolate chip milkshake.
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Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues

Justin Hayward
Vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Justin Hayward tells us how the Beatles changed the landscape of music and paved the way for The Moody Blues during the British Invasion. He first performs an oldie, "Nights In White Satin." Later, Justin sings "The Western Sky" from his new new solo album "Spirits of the Western Sky" and explains the meaning of the title track.
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Father's Day Gift Guide with Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas shares a handful of great gift ideas for Father's Day. She recommends stylish items, such as a custom crystal bow tie or handmade leather luggage. Kym suggests registering the father figure in your life to a monthly subscription club that will send him a box full of surprises throughout the year. Plus, learn about an elegant shaving system made of silver and how to infuse cocktails with charcoal. Custom Bow Tie from Joseph LiMandri, Founder Redo My Shoe, is available at

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Kathleen Robertson

Actress Kathleen Robertson tells us how she prepared to play a cop for the time in "Murder In the First." She researched the role by going for ride-alongs, learning to shoot a gun, and interviewing detectives. Describing the show as a "mini movie," Kathleen explains how the first season deals with the aftermath of two murders that occur in the premiere episode. Kathleen talks about working with Taye Diggs on the series. Plus, find out why Kathleen waited to enroll in acting classes until after wrapping "Beverly Hills, 90210." "Murder In the First" airs Mondays at 10/9c on TNT.

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Makeup Magic Tricks with Melanie Mills

Emmy-winning makeup artist Melanie Mills explains how foundations, concealers, contours, and highlighters can slim faces down. With just a little trickery, noses and chins can appear smaller and eyebrows fuller. Melanie works her magic on the blank canvas of two models' faces. She also reviews tips for putting on false eylashes, using shadows to contour the face, how to blend, and choosing the right shade of foundation for your complexion. Check out For more of Melanie's expert makeup tips, you can pick up her book "Glitter and Glam," available at bookstores nationwide and online.

Pregnancy Diet Restrictions with Dr. JJ Levenstein

Board certified pediatrician Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP educates mommy-to-be Debbie Matenopoulos about what she can and can't eat while pregnant. Dr. Levenstein explains why the Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish like salmon are good for the baby's development, whereas other fish containing mercury are harmful. She goes in depth about the risks associated with viruses such as E. Coli and Listeria that can be found in some cold cured meats. Expectant moms should make sure all meat and poultry is thoroughly cooked to avoid birth defects and early labor. Additionally, certain cheeses should remain off limits for the duration of pregnancy and we should be wary of raw vegetables, such as sprouts. Debbie's Favorite Pregnancy Websites:

Take parenting classes instructed by Dr. Levenstein online by visiting To learn more about parents' concerns with kids go to her Facebook page at Also, find helpful parenting products at the website Dr. Levenstein co-founded and serves as president of,

Follow TV personality and style expert Debbie Matenopoulos on Twitter @IAmDebbieM. Her first cookbook, "It's All Greek to Me," is available in stores now.

Johnny Iuzzini Pineapple Coconut Meringue Torte

Chef Johnny Iuzzini Makes a Pineapple Coconut Meringue Torte
Author, pastry chef, and James Beard Award winner Johnny Iuzzini brings us back to the basics and fundamentals of baking in his new book "Sugar RUSH." Today, he concentrates on the flavors of summer with a pineapple dessert like you've never tasted before. He starts by carmelizing the pineapple to change the texture. Then, he teaches us how to make pastry cream with coconut milk and pineapple juice. Johnny explains why measuring the ingredients by weight instead of quantity allows for precise consistency each time the recipe is replicated. He also teaches us the rule of thumb when making custard.
Follow this recipe>> Head on over to You can pre-order "Sugar RUSH" at and look for it in bookstores in September.

Shirley Bovshow Gardens with Coconuts

Shirley Bovshow Gardens with Coconuts
Shirley Bovshow explains why palm trees earned the nickname the "tree of life." She teaches us how to garden with coconuts, including finding the best soil and mulch to use. Shirley also tells us some of the many ways to harvest and repurpose coconuts. We'd also like to extend our gratitude to Melissa's Produce. Check them out at

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