Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla
Radio personality and author Adam Carolla cracks Mark and Cristina up with a hilarious story about the time he accidentally installed a closet in the wrong house back when he was a carpenter. Also, he recalls his boxing days and how he first met Jimmy Kimmel. Then, Adam explains how he come up with his own brand of wine called Mangria.

For more with Adam, visit and follow him on Twitter @AdamCarolla. And, pick up a copy of his book, "Not Taco Bell Material." To order a bottle of Mangria, go to or

First Annual Home & Family Grand Prix

First Annual Home & Family Grand Prix
Mark and Adam have the need for speed! Mark challenges Adam to a re-match after Adam defended his title at the Toyota Pro Celebrity Race at the Grand Prix of Long Beach back in April. Now, the opponents buckle up in their go-karts to face-off and, once again, Adam takes the victory, winning a gold spray-painted tool belt. Both men were cheered on by members of the U.S. Army's 149th Chemical Company!

Caroline Manzo

Caroline Manzo
Caroline Manzo of " The Real Housewives of New Jersey" talks about the show's instant success and skyrocketing to reality star fame. Stable in her almost 29 year marriage, Caroline is certain she and her husband won't become a statistic of the reality show divorce curse, but comments on how the cameras magnify existing problems of other couples. She touches on the audience's appetite for cat-fights, such as Teresa Giudice's infamous table-flip. The only thing that will really get Caroline's blood boiling is if you disrespect or harm her three grown children.

For more with the tell-it-like-it-is Caroline, get a copy of her new book "Let Me Tell You Something" and tune in to " The Real Housewives of New Jersey" on Sunday nights at 8 on Bravo.

Sibling Rivalry with Stacy Kaiser
Licensed psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser opens up the dialogue on the topic sibling rivalry. Caroline Manzo, the middle of 11 children, discusses her family dynamic, and Rico and Rosa Graziano (siblings and owners of Rosa's Bella Cucina) teasingly bicker back and forth. Stacy assures everyone, including Mark and Cristina, that sibling rivalry is healthy, natural behavior and explains the root of the issue. She offers advice for families to navigate through this common conflict and when parents should intervene. Also, she's found that there is less rivalry between siblings born 5+ years apart as kids, but it may escalate as adults when age gaps aren't as pronounced.

Visit for more information. And, check out to see where Rico and Rosa will be parking their food truck next.

Cristina Cooks Steak Fajitas
Cristina is joined in the kitchen by licensed psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser to marinate and grill a tender, juicy flank steak. She seasons and slices it to serve on a tortilla, creating a delicious fajita.

The Wedding Series: DIY Photo Gift Boxes with Jess

The Wedding Series: DIY Photo Gift Boxes
Lifestyle expert Jessie Jane drops by again, this time to make gift boxes for our bride and groom, Gabi and Charlie, to give to their wedding guests as a favor. She pastes the couple's engagement photos, which were snapped by Mark, on little boxes. Then, she fills each box with a personalized cookie and wraps the box with a ribbon. Lastly, she stacks all the boxes in a pyramid, piling them to look like a wedding cake. You can print your photos at To order a batch of cookies, email and check out for a wide assortment of ribbon options. For more of Mark's beautiful photography, visit

Scandinavian Floral Wreaths with Tamara Berg
Tamara Berg gets ready for the Summer Solstice by teaching Mark and Cristina to make Scandinavian floral wreaths. Some celebrations include staging mock weddings for children where the little girls wear these wreaths as a headdress.

The Voice Contestant Amber Carrington Performs

"The Voice" Contestant Amber Carrington
Fresh off season four of " The Voice," contestant Amber Carrington talks about being disappointed that fellow country singer Blake Shelton didn't turn his chair around when she auditioned. Everything worked out just fine for her on Team Adam Levine though and she welcomes advice from all four mentors. Adam introduced her to pop and rock and now, she hopes to apply those genres to her country music. Amber will soon be headed to Nashville to continue pursuing her career. Danielle Bradbery's title as the champion didn't come as any surprise to Amber. She anticipated that result once the field narrowed to the final three. Plus, Amber performs "Good Girl" by Carrie Underwood, the song that earned her a spot on the show!

" The Voice" will return this fall on NBC. You can follow Amber on Twitter @ambercarrington.