Jodi Long
Actress Jodi Long shares funny details about the woman her "Sullivan & Son" character is based off of. Find out how "Hangover" and "Community" star Ken Jeong handles the constantly changing script when he makes guest appearances on the show. Jodi also reveals what other big names fans can expect to see popping in this season. Plus, she discusses her own upbringing by vaudeville performer parents and the "tiger mom" culture.
"Sullivan & Son" returns Tuesday, June 24 at 10/9c on TBS.

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McCormick's Grill Mates Steakhouse Burgers

Cristina molds a hamburger patty with cheese and spicy jalapeño stuffed inside the meat. She adds kick to this steakhouse burger with a packet of smokey applewood flavor seasoning from McCormick's Grill Mates. Then, Mark custom-builds his own burger to perfection.

DIY Scrabble Coasters and Board Game Placemats

DIY Scrabble Coasters & Board Game Placemat with Jessie Jane
Jessie Jane deserves a triple word score with this wordsmith craft! She upcycles Scrabble tiles to make coasters and placemats on corkboard. Jessie also has great ideas to re-use Monopoly pieces, dominos, decks of cards, and more. or

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Celebrity Court Cases with Judge Cristina Perez

Lawyer and author Judge Cristina Perez discusses whether celebrities get fair trials in the court of law. Despite stars' access to the best lawyers and the factor of media attention, judges must stick to the law and ignore the influence of public option. In her position on the bench, she is under pressure to follow strict protocol and find justice. Judge Perez touches on how the fascination with OJ Simpson's trial changed the game and offers insight into Tracy Morgan's tragic car accident. For more on Cristina, you can check out her website at

Interview with actress Amanda Leighton

Amanda Leighton
Actress and devout animal lover Amanda Leighton gushes about her beloved French bulldog Watson that she got to keep her company when she moved to LA at 18. She also fills us in on playing a tomboy on the wrestling team on "The Fosters" and her budding romance with a teammate on the show.
"The Fosters" airs Mondays at 9/8c on ABC Family.

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Vani Hari

Blogger and founder Vani Hari has pioneered a campaign for beer manufacturers to provide consumers with a list of ingredients. She's encouraging the top brands to be transparent with the contents of their beverages by posting their formulas online. Vani also reacts to the enormous response her petition has received and defends herself against harsh criticism.

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Gender Prediction Wives' Tales with Debbie Matenopoulos

Debbie Matenopoulos and her husband have decided to wait to find out the gender of their baby in the delivery room, but friends and family are anxious to find out sooner. Today, "Home & Family" takes our best guess to determine if it's a boy or a girl. We put old wives' tales to the test. How accurate are they? We'll know for sure on Debbie's October due date! Five viewers who guess the correct gender on will receive a copy of Debbie's cookbook, "It's All Greek to Me."

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Homemade Vitamin Water with Sophie Uliano

Homemade Vitamin Water with Sophie Uliano
Sophie Uliano saves us a pretty penny with homemade vitamin water. Besides being more expensive, store bought vitamin water may not be as healthy as one might be led to believe. It contains additives, dyes, and a lot of sugar. Today, Sophie teaches us to make DIY rosemary watermelon flavored vitamin water, including both fruit and herbs into her recipe. This is a great beverage to quench your thirst at a 4th of July picnic. Sophie suggests serving it to guests in chilled mason jars to enjoy on the go.

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Keoni Chang Cooks Korean Style Hot Dogs

Keoni Chang Cooks Korean Style Hot Dogs
FMI Supermarket Chef Showdown winner Keoni Chang took home the big prize in the family meals category. He explains the efforts of the Food Marketing Institute to bring awareness that supermarkets offer high quality prepared foods. Born and raised in Oahu, the Hawaii native shares his recipe for Korean style hot dogs. He makes soy, lime, and sugar glaze to seep into the hot dogs, as well as slaw and sweet potato fries. Plus, learn about Korea's national dish Kim Chee and a trick to detect the ripeness of an avocado. and follow "Home & Family" on Twitter @homeandfamilytv and Facebook. Plus, check out our YouTube channel for backstage videos.