Jenn Brown
Jenn Brown shuffles through her stack of flash cards in preparation for the Big Game. The TV host and sportscaster is researching all the players' stats ahead of the NFL Honors ceremony. One thing that's already set to go is her red carpet gown! Will the Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks win the Vince Lombardi Trophy? Jenn reveals her prediction. Later, she and former football champ Willie Gault divide the family into two teams to face-off in a trivia contest.
Watch the NFL Honors red carpet on "Super Bowl Saturday Night" on February 1 at 7/6c on the NFL Network.

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Cristina's Crock Pot Recipes for the Big Game

Cristina's Crock Pot Recipes for the Big Game
Cristina multi-tasks as she uses this time-saving Crock Pot system to cook multiple dishes at once. Watch your backside cause Cristina's kick butt chili is taking the field. She explains how to drain the grease from the pot and why dried beans are the way to go. Plus, this can be made two to three days ahead of time and refrigerated until ready to heat and serve. Custom create yours. It's now available at Target, Wal-Mart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and other major retailers. Visit to learn more and to check out other fantastic entertaining/slow cooker products. Remember, if it doesn't say Crock-Pot®, it's not the original!

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Health Benefits of Charcoal with Kym Douglas

Health Benefits of Charcoal with Kym Douglas
Getting a lump of coal from Santa might not be so bad after all. As Kym Douglas explains, using charcoal as a health and beauty product dates back to the ancient Egyptians. In pill form, such as Nature’s Way Charcoal Activated Capsules, charcoal cleanses skin and improves complexion. The powder inside the capsule even whitens teeth!
Charcoal products are available from Shamanuti at Also, get a free 1oz Seaweed re-mineralizing toner with the purchase of a 6oz Activated Cleanser for $36.

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DIY Dessert-a-Dome with Jessie Jane

DIY Dessert-a-Dome with Jessie Jane
Jessie Jane's dessert-a-dome takes the cake! Last year, we tailgated with the meatrodome and now it's time to party in the fourth quarter. Jessie demonstrates how she built the field and stadium to display a wide assortment of cookies, cupcakes, and more.
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Richard Brooks

Richard Brooks
Actor Richard Brooks takes a look back on fond memories of his time on "Law & Order" and challenging himself to learn legalese for the role. Now, he's happy to be part of a new drama series, "Being Mary Jane." Richard gives us all the scoop on what it's like starring alongside Gabrielle Union on the show.
"Being Mary Jane" airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on BET.

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Using a Dremel with Tanya Memme
Drill sergeant Tanya Memme is reporting for duty! She explains how a dremel functions in a spinning motion at a variety of speeds. Depending on the bit used, the power tool can cut glass, sharpen gardening tools, engrave, and so much more.
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Kitten Bowl Co-Executive Producer Jesse Drollette

Jesse Drollette
Jesse Drollette, co-executive producer of the Hallmark Channel's First Annual "Kitten Bowl," explains how the little kitties score touchdowns, extra points, and field goals. He's also happy to report that all the cats have been scouted to purr-manent homes. Actress Kelly Rutherford even adopted two! Hosted by Beth Stern, celeb pals Regis Philbin, Rachael Ray, and Rocco DiSpirito are just some of the stars to lend their paws to the cause. Michelle Sathe, public relations specialist for Best Friends Animal Society, introduces an "unnecessarily cute" kitten.
The Hallmark Channel's First Annual "Kitten Bowl" premieres Sunday, February 2 at 12/11c on the Hallmark Channel. The competition consists of two preliminary playoffs and a championship match, along with basic obstacle courses of hurdles, tunnels, hoops, jumps, lures and toys on strings. There are 4 teams of kittens– 8-12 weeks old. If they run into the end zone they get a touchdown. There's lots of scoring. There are also fun penalties– unnecessary cuteness, fluffing the passer, illegal use of the paws, and unkitten-like conduct. For information on cat adoption, please call Best Friends Animal Society at (818) 643-3989 or visit Best Friends Animal Society is focused exclusively on ending the killing of dogs and cats in America's shelters. Since its founding, Best Friends has helped reduce the number of animals killed in shelters from 17 million per year to 4 million. To learn more about Best Friends nationally, visit

The "Kitten Bowl" helps support the North Shore Animal League America. Visit them at

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Sheila Weber
Sheila Weber is here to help keep your marriage blissful. In the week leading up to Valentine's Day, February 7-14, National Marriage Week USA will be observed. While many marriages end in divorce, the executive director seeks to help couples keep their vows forever by teaching conflict resolution. Sheila discusses the stability marriage offers and studies marriage trends of each generation.
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