Fabio Viviani Cooks Mom's Tiramisu
Save room for dessert! Fabio whips up his mom's recipe for tiramisu. It calls for egg yolk, sugar, and espresso-soaked lady fingers. For more information on the chef and to subscribe to his newsletter, "Fabio's Kitchen Academy," go to

Ken Paves' DIY Holiday Hairstyles
Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves teaches us simple hair tricks to jazz up our style this holiday season. First and foremost, he emphasizes you should embrace your natural texture. Secondly, don't be afraid of glamour. Family members volunteer to have Ken take their locks from drab to fab in a few short minutes. He even introduces a new waterproof root cover-up that stays until you shampoo it out.
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How to Tie the Perfect Holiday Bow

How to Tie the Perfect Holiday Bow with Tanya Memme
Bow down to Tanya Memme, who is here to teach us to tie the perfect bow when gift wrapping all the presents under your tree. She takes us through the steps of turning beautiful ribbon into a simple bunny ear bow, as well as a more intricate graduated loop bow.
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Chako Fairbanks & Tracey Bregman
Farmbox LA co-founder Chako Fairbanks and actress Tracey Bregman educate us on how much mold is found in commercial coffee brands. They arrange for the family members to taste test locally grown and commercial cups of joe. Tracey explains how she learned of her mold allergy. Coffee isn't all that perks Chako up. Farmbox LA also offers baskets full of juice, veggies, bread, and more, all from local farmers and small businesses.
For more information on supporting your local farmers and a message from Farmbox LA, go to our Facebook page. Farmbox LA Coffee is $16 and Farmbox LA Baskets range from $54-79. Check them out at

Ken Wingard's DIY Vintage Snow Village

Ken Wingard's DIY Vintage Snow Village
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! That's just what Ken Wingard does for this enchanting wintery landscape craft in a jar. By the time he's done sprinkling a fresh coat of powder, it looks like a blizzard stormed through his vintage snow village. and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.

Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor
Grammy award-winning artist Gloria Gaynor's legendary song "I Will Survive" has survived on the dance scene and airwaves for 34 years. Over the decades, fans have shared stories of how this anthem has helped them overcome tragic life events. Gloria tells us why she has decided to compile these encouraging and inspiring stories into her book, "We Will Survive." Then, she raises her powerful voice to sing the famous track.
"We Will Survive" is available at

Craft Room Round Table
Jessie Jane, Tanya, and Ken join Mark and Cristina in the "Home & Family" craft room. In this open forum, they discuss the best ways to make the most of the space when organizing all the glitter, ribbons, paints, tools, and more. The crafting connoisseurs devise many ways to make the craftroom a functional space that allows for creativity to flow freely.
1. Think about your needs in the craft room and tailor them to the kinds of projects you do most.
2. Repurpose old bookshelves for affordable storage. 3. The work table is a crucial element to your craft room. 4. Aesthetics are very important. Your space should inspire you. 5. You can add pops of color to your craft room by displaying your actual crafting materials. For more with Jessie Jane, visit

Laura Nativo's Holiday Pet Gift Guide
It's the dog days of winter! Laura Nativo runs down the wish list your cats and dogs will be sending to Santa Paws this Christmas. For dogs, she suggests a bamboo hammock to relax in. And, for your feline friends, a kitty cabin to call home. Plus, Laura demonstrates the Motorola Scout1, an interactive pet monitoring system that allows you to supervise and speak to your pets wirelessly while you're out of the house. Then, she suggests a whole bunch of pet-friendly stocking stuffers. Laura also tells you how to create customized monthly boxes full of goodies that'll make your dog's tail wag.
Basic Toys Recommended for Pets this Christmas for Under $20-25: 1. Kong Chew Toys 2. Kong Cat Feather Toys 3. Kong Entertainment Laser For Cats 4. Ruffhide Chew Toys 5. Anxiety Vests Find these gifts and more at and

Please visit "The Fairy Dogmother" Laura Nativo at:
Twitter: @LauraNativo

Carey Bros Install Window and Shower Door

The Carey Brothers Install a Window & Shower Door
The "Home & Family" bathroom is shaping up nicely as the Carey Brothers install a window and the shower door. They gush over these stylish glass block windows that allow for natural light to brighten the room without sacrificing privacy. Plus, the panes even open to let in fresh air. Then, the Carey Brothers install sleek clear glass doors around the shower, so the tile work and fixtures can be appreciated. As always, it's safety first. They assure Cristina that there isn't risk involved with these tempered glass doors. Shower door generously provided by Wardrobe and Bath,

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