Original "Home & Family" Cast Reunion

"Home & Family" Cast Reminiscing
Before its reincarnation this year with Mark as her co-host, Cristina was partnered with actor/comedian Michael Burger for the show's original series run from 1996-1998. On today's season finale, the original hosts and family members reunite to reminisce about the good ol' days and update us on what they've been doing since wrapping 15 years ago. Plus, we open the "Home & Family" vault to show you vintage footage from way back when.

Kym Douglas
Author and beauty expert Kym Douglas introduces the hottest beauty products on the market. Ranging from a non-surgical facelift to a mascara system to a men's hair removal technique, there's no need to go to the spa to look your very best. Kym also brings along a bamboo and lavender pillow to repel bacteria and sponge bracelets that absorb excess water as you wash your face.

On the Cuff, $8.99,
Angel Lift,
Skin Ally Pillow, $29.99,
Brazilian Back, $15.99,
Cherry Blooms Lash Extension, $69.00,

For more with Kym, please visit, and pick up a copy of her book, "Bliss Happens."

Alex Thomopoulos Cooks Roasted Chicken
Next we visit the kitchen with chef and blogger Alex Thomopoulos when she cooks a seasoned and crispy roasted chicken. She enjoys topping this dish with a chimichurri inspired sauce.

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Shier Quintuplet Update
Scott and Patty Shier debuted their family of quintuplets when "Home & Family" first aired. Now high school seniors, Sarah, Joshua, Rachel, Hannah, and Jonathan Shier return to bring us up to date on their accomplishments and goals in life.

DIY Bottle Opener with Bob Golic

DIY Bottle Opener with Bob Golic
Former NFL player, actor, and radio/TV host Bob Golic shares a project perfect for any man cave or kitchen. Crack open a cool one with his wall mounted bottle opener that has a jar underneath to catch the caps., and follow him on Twitter @bobgolic.

Chef Jamie Gwen's Summer Recipes

Chef Jamie Gwen
Chef Jamie Gwen puts together three of her summertime entertaining favorites. As a starter, she drizzles vanilla paste and white balsamic on fresh stone fruit such as apricots. After grilling, it comes out caramelized, and she adds burrata cheese and prosciutto atop a wild arugula salad to complete the dish. Jamie also uses a mandolin to thinly shred strips of zucchini. Then, she suggests washing the meal down with her refreshing summer sunset martini and teaches us a grenadine pouring technique to create a layered effect.

Cutthroat Kitchen" on Sunday, August 11 at 10/9c. You can also visit her at

Carey Bros. 60 Second Solutions

Carey Bros. 60 Second Solutions
Home improvement experts and radio hosts James Carey and Morris Carey have lots of fast housekeeping and handyman solutions up their sleeves. To clean granite or marble countertops, dab half of a grapefruit in salt and scrub the surface, squeezing out the citric acid. This trick will leave granite and marble shiny and new. Then, they go into the garage to refinish furniture, explaining different sanding techniques and power tools.

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Mayita Dinos' Tillandsia Planters

Mayita Dinos' Tillandsia Planters
Landscape designer Mayita Dinos shows us a decorative way to display tillandsia in all different kinds of glass planters with colored sand. We'd also like to extend a special thank you to Hooks & Lattice. Please visit them at

Home and Family Pregnancy Series Revisit

"Home & Family" Pregnancy Series Revisit
New moms Natalie Thomas-Friedman and Ruzan Graham are here with their three-month-old babies, Lilly and Dallas, respectively. Both families tell us how they're adjusting to the first few months of parenthood with their new little additions.

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