(Original air date: Friday, April 12th, 2013)

Alan Tudyk
Family member Alan Tudyk is back on the show today! Alan, who plays Ben Chapman in the new Jackie Robinson biopic, "42," stops by to talk about the movie and his character. Alan shares the challenges of playing the antagonist to the historic figure of Jackie Robinson. Plus, Alan gives an inside look at working with the cast and crew of "42," including the legendary Harrison Ford!

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Jon Huertas
From ABC's hit crime drama " Castle," actor Jon Huertas joins the family today. Jon gives a look at the show and explains how he got his own "Yo Brigade." And later, Jon talks with Mark and Cristina about his passion for gardening and DIY. Plus, Jon explains how his crafting skills came in handy during some first-aid DIY!

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Elle & Blair Fowler
Sisters and fashion mavens Elle & Blair Fowler stop by today. Four years ago, the sisters decided to share their beauty, fashion, and makeup reviews on YouTube. What started as a few videos has now grown into an international sensation! Today, the sisters share how they turned their love of fashion and beauty into a social media hotspot. Plus, Elle and Blair chat about their new book and offer their critiques on some popular beauty products. And later, the ladies share one of their top must-have beauty products!

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Dr. Sandra Lee
Long-lasting gel manicures are all the rage right now, but recent reports show that improper gel manicures are risky for your nails and skin. Today, dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee stops by to talk about some of the risks involved with gel manicures. From bacterial infections to harmful UV exposure, Dr. Lee explains what simple steps you can take to reduce your risks, while still looking fabulous.

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Chef Gaby
Chef and author Gaby Dalkin turns the kitchen green today using one of nature's stranger green fruits. In Gaby's new book, "Absolutely Avocados," she shares a plethora of avocado recipes beyond just guacamole. And, Gaby also shares some useful avocado preparation advice. Plus, Gaby points out many of the unknown health benefits associated with the avocado.

Annie Sloan
Author and decorative painting expert Annie Sloan shares her years of painting wisdom with Mark & Cristina today. Annie is widely considered one of the world's leading experts in the field of decorative paint and is often referred to as "a paint legend." Annie has written over 20 books and sold over two million copies in 11 languages. Today, Annie shares her technique for painting furniture using her own paint creation called chalk paint.

Cristina Cooks with Asparagus
Spring is the peak season for fresh asparagus, so today Cristina shares a few of her favorite asparagus themed recipes. First Cristina shares a few easy tips on purchasing and prepping the vitamin rich asparagus stalks. Then, Cristina demonstrates a few quick and simple recipes, full of vitamins and sure to bring a touch of spring no matter where you live!

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Matthew Schoening
Electric cellist Matthew Schoening joins the show to talk about his unique musical style. Today, Matthew explains how he creates a symphony sound using a technique called live looping. Plus, Matthew shares how he got his start. And later, Matthew treats us to a live performance of his amazing musical talents!