Sebastian Knapp
The film "Son of God" has taken the box office by storm! Actor Sebastian Knapp drops by to discuss its success and the audience's reaction. In comparison to other biblical movies, Sebastian explains why this adaptation is appropriate for audiences of all ages. He also tells us why it was neccessary to have a snake wrangler on the Moroccan set at all times. Plus, Sebastian shares his hidden talent of being able to impersonate 40 different accents.
"Son of God" is in theaters now.

Mentalist Paul Draper

Mentalist Paul Draper
Don't blink! Keep your eyes peeled! Prepare to be amazed as mentalist Paul Draper dazzles us with his trickery. He proves it really is mind over matter. As a cognitive anthropologist, Paul discusses his love of studying people. First, he plays a mind-bending trick on Jessie Jane by distorting and twisting a metal spoon. While blindfolded, Paul later guesses what Mark and Cristina are drawing. Then, he throws us for a loop again by connecting and disconnecting two solid hoops.
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Christine Avanti Cooks Bikini Body Bites

The countdown is on to beach and pool weather. Chef, nutritionist, and author Christina Avanti gives us the skinny on how to get bikini-ready in no time. By eating her bikini body bites for 10 weeks, you can lose about 15.5 pounds! Today, Christine makes cilantro lime shrimp, minted Greek chicken bites, and Santorini lemon feta dip all under 200 calories per serving. Plus, she explains the health benefits of garlic and how lemon juice reduces acne. Then, sip on her pummello fruit martini and learn why this Asian grapefruit assists in weight loss. Later, Christine discusses why hunger buster foods are great options to munch on between meals. Cilantro Lime Sprimp recipe>> Minted Greek Chicken recipe>> Petite Asparagus Frittatas recipe>> Pummelo Fruit Martini recipe>> Santorini Lemon Feta Dip with Whole Wheat Pitas>> Follow Christine on Twitter @christineavanti.

Toy Car Garage with Jessie Jane

PVC Pipe Car Garage with Jessie Jane
Are you always tripping on your kid's toy cars left out on the floor? Jessie Jane has the solution that will make tidying up fun for children. She stacks either toilet paper rolls or PVC pipes inside a crate to create a garage. Each parked car has its own little compartment.
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Operation Finally Home with JR Martinez

J.R. Martinez
As a wounded warrior himself, actor and spokesperson J.R. Martinez can personally relate to the struggles our servicemen face upon returning to civilian life. Besides physical injuries, many also suffer from mental illness, as exhibited by the tragic incident earlier this week at Ft. Hood. Founded nine years ago, Operation Finally Home constructs mortgage-free custom-built homes for veterans. Thanks to generous donations from vendors, J.R. explains how the organization is able to keep building costs so low and how veterans qualify to get keys to a new house.
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Cristina Cooks French Toast

Cristina puts a savory spin on a breakfast favorite. This brioche French toast recipe calls for the perfect poached egg on top. Also stacked on each slice are prosciutto, asparagus, and melted cheese with orange beurre blanc sauce.

Easter Tablescape with Ken Wingard

Ken Wingard returns to complete the Easter centerpiece project he began yesterday. To finish off the tablescape, he fills real egg shells with plaster and puts moss spheres in a basket. Then, he clusters all the items at various levels and heights to create an appealing visual and ties it all together with placemats and place settings. and follow him on Twitter @KennethWingard.

DIY Chemical Free All Purpose Cleaner with Sophie Uliano

Sophie Uliano shares her recipes for homemade non-toxic cleaning supplies. Oven cleaners and drain openers contain a very caustic, harsh chemical that can burn your skin and cause upper respiratory problems. And, counter cleaners with bleach contain a dangerous ingredient called hypochlorite. Sophie teaches us how to create an antibacterial spray that will keep your surfaces clean and glistening.
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Price Matching with Melea Johnson

Melea Johnson
Money saving expert Melea Johnson has a great way to save at check-out without clipping a single coupon. She reminds us of the price matching policies of many popular stores, such as Target and Walmart. Simply find a lower price online or on a flyer to provide the cashier with proof of a better sale. Overall, Melea saved 25% off her bill. She also suggests downloading a weekly ads and deals app to help you be a smarter shopper.
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