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Friday, April 11th, 2014

Matthew Moy
Matthew Moy, the loveable diner owner from "2 Broke Girls," tells us about the dialogue poking fun of his height and the behind the scenes antics of the cast. After earning a degree in Japanese and linguistics, Matthew planned to follow in his parents' footsteps to pursue a career as a teacher. Then, his mom suggested he try voice acting. One thing led to another, until Matthew struck gold on "2 Broke Girls." Since moving to LA, Matthew's overcome his initial starstruckness when he rubs elbows with celebs, including Lindsay Lohan, who makes a special guest appearance on an upcoming episode. Matthew also brags about his adorable nephew and entertains us with funny impressions of Liam Neeson and Matthew McConaughey.
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Abbacadabra, alakazam! The ultimate Abba tribute band treats us to not one, not two, but three performances from the legendary rockers. Executive producer Gary Raffanelli tells the story of forming the group on a whim in a pitch meeting. Vocalists Sandra Selby, Lesley Green, backup singer Hayley Bond, keyboardist Benjamin Reino, guitarist Richard Hamelin, and drummer Kent Gochnour have traveled the world together, performing nationwide, four times in Europe, and have even set sail on cruises. First up, they sing "Take a Chance on Me," later followed by "Dancing Queen." Make sure to stick around for their encore featuring fan-favorite "Mamma Mia!"
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Cristina Cooks Eggs Benedict Burgers
Bonnie Geavaras-Bootz from Scottsdale, AZ shares her cowboy tested, cowboy approved recipe for eggs Benedict burgers. Skyping in, Bonnie walks Cristina and Matthew Moy through the steps of forming the patty all the way to piling all the condiments on the bun. You don't even need to make hollandaise sauce from scratch. Bonnie makes it from a mix. Keep this recipe in mind on April 16 for National Eggs Benedict Day!
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Stephen Tobolowsky

Actor/writer Stephen Tobolowsky reveals who he drew inspiration from for his "Groundhog Day" role, none other than his insurance salesman, Dennis. Stephen harnesses his love of storytelling in "The Dangerous Animals Club," a book he wrote while recovering from a horse accident. In the event he didn't bounce back, he wanted his children to learn who he is through this first-hand account. Stephen Tobolowsky's " The Dangerous Animals Club" is available now wherever fine books are sold.


Male Pattern Baldness with Dr. Paul McAndrews

Board certified dermatologist Dr. Paul McAndrews, MD discusses various types of hair loss diagnosed in men and women. Most commonly, it's men who notice recession of temporal points and thinning on the back of their head. The best predictor of what your locks' future have in store is to see if you have a family history of pattern baldness because the genetic component is huge. Dr. McAndrews comes to the rescue with medical therapies patients can try before resorting to a surgical procedure, dispelling rumors this could be harmful towards couples trying to have a baby. Patient David Grant then joins us to share his remarkable results since undergoing a hair transplant. Get further information at


Payless Shoe Trends

Debbie Matenopoulos enlists the feet of "Home & Family" staff members Wileen Charles, Laura Troxel, Milena Monrroy, Jessica Robertson, and Amy Webber to model the latest trends in shoes for spring and summer. This season, step out in fun, flirty floral flats. Stand tall in wedges that look expensive, but sure are affordable from Payless. Let your feet air out and breathe in eyelet flats. And, make sure to maintain your pedicure for this peep toe footwear. Shop for all these styles and more at

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Do's & Don'ts of Easter Bonnets with Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas helps us select the perfect Easter bonnet for our heads. Since its historic debut during the Great Depression, the bonnet has grown in popularity globally. Often seen on Kate Middleton and other members of the royal family, the fascinator gets a lot of attention. You can also make a statement in a wide brimmed hat. For the gentleman, the panama hat is all the rage. Kym also tells us hot to properly pick up a hat without damaging it and how to store it safely. Go online and enter FAMILY15 on for a 15% discount.

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Easy DIY Baby Food with Liza Huber
Proud mother of four Liza Huber wanted to save money by serving her kids fresh, homemade baby food. Disappointed it wasn't already on store shelves, she founded Sage Spoonfuls and appointed herself CEO of the brand. This healthier option of feeding our families is very simple with the use of an immersion blender and food processor. Plus, you can expand your baby's developing taste palate with a wide range of flavors. Also, it allows you to plan meals ahead for up to three months at a time.
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Doggie Easter Egg Hunt with Laura Nativo

Laura Nativo gets tails wagging today for a doggie Easter egg hunt. She hides tiny treats inside eggs scattered around the yard. The pooches sniff out the treats to fill up their baskets in this fun game of find-it. and check them out on

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