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Today on Home & Family: Frankie Moreno

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Frankie Moreno
Singer, composer, and Las Vegas headliner, Frankie Moreno stops by Home & Family. Today, Frankie talks with Mark and Cristina about becoming a headliner and also being named "Headliner of the Year!" Plus, Frankie talks about his recent appearance on "Dancing with the Stars." And later, Frankie brings his Vegas show to the Home & Family stage!

Learn more about Frankie Moreno at www.frankiemoreno.com and follow him on twitter at @frankiemoreno.

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Jessie Jane
Cooking, crafting expert, and founder of lilyshop.com, Jessie Jane is back with us today. Jessie is going to teach you southwest style for less, showing you how to brand inexpensive leather bracelets with a personal touch!

WATCH Jessie Jane create DIY Leather Bracelets>>

Get Jessie Jane's DIY Leather Bracelets here: www.lilyshop.com/lilyshop-blog/item/diy-leather-bracelets.

Dan and Laura Dotson from A&E's "Storage Wars"
Mark & Cristina welcome Dan and Laura Dotson, the featured auctioneers on the hit reality show on A&E, "Storage Wars." Today, Dan and Laura give you a behind the scenes look at auctioneering. Plus, Dan and Sara share the biggest jackpot they've ever seen as well as some of the strangest! And later, Dan teaches Mark how to be an auctioneer!

Find an auction near you at: www.americanauctioneers.com.

The Tan Mom
You'll probably remember our next guest as the "Tan Mom," who gained national attention after being charged with child endangerment for taking her 5-year old tanning. Today, "Tan Mom," Patricia Krentcil, joins us via Skype, along with author Dana Ramos, who helped transform Patricia's life. Patricia talks about how she became addicted to tanning. And later, Dana talks about how she was able to help rehabilitate Patricia and her skin.

Learn more about Dana Ramos here: www.theskinregime.com.

Michael Gans from Smoke City Market
We couldn’t have Western week without some good old-fashioned barbeque. Today, from Smoke City Market, Michael Gans stops by to teach us how to make a succulent BBQ Brisket. Plus, Michael makes some wonderful sides for our barbeque, including his Texas Pit Beans!
WATCH Michael make his Smoke City Barbeque>>

Get Michael Gans Smoke City Market Smoked Brisket & Rub Recipe here>>

Try Michele's Texas Caviar Recipe here>>

Get the Smoke City Market Texas Pit Beans Recipe>>

Mark's "Change Your Life Series"
Last week, Katie and Kristy got some great tips on getting the most out of their workouts. Mark and Dr. Matzer discussed the importance of using a heart monitor to help maximize their workouts. Plus, Mark gave the ladies a very special gift to help keep their workouts going!
Get your own Indo-Row here: www.indorow.com.

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Square Dancing with Dale Hoppers
Dale Hoppers joins the show today to teach Mark & Cristina how to square dance! First, Dale takes us through a little background on square dancing. And later, Dale teaches us what square dancing "calls" mean. Then, it's time for the Home & Family team to get on the stage and dance!
Get Dale Hoppers square Dancing tips here>>

Learn more about square dancing here: www.callerdale.com .