Eden Sher
From ABC's " The Middle," actress Eden Sher joins the family today! Eden shares how she got her start in show business with a little help from "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno. Eden also talks about meeting one of her favorite celebrities, Taylor Swift. And later, Eden shares a few secrets about her character in "The Middle," Sue Heck.

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Cristina Cooks
We couldn't get enough of actress Eden Sher, so Cristina brought her into the kitchen to help her make today's greek themed recipe. Today Cristina shares her recipe for traditional Greek Gyros with traditional Tzatziki sauce. Plus, Cristina teaches how to make a traditional Gyro without using an open flame and spit!

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The Home & Family Pregnancy Series
Expecting Moms Natalie Thomas and Ruzan Graham are back for another installment of the "Home & Family Pregnancy Series." Today, our mommies-to-be are joined by Danielle Brooks, Founder of Baby Nuggets and mother of three. Today Danielle offers advice on creating a "Mommy Game Plan" to help moms adjust to their new lives. Danielle also gives advice on managing the WHOLE family and making sure that everyone does what's best for the baby and parents.

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The Olate Dogs
The winners of "America's Got Talent," The Olate Dogs join the show today. After an amazing performance, Mark & Cristina chat with the dogs' owners Richard and Nicolas Olate. Richard and Nicolas talk about how they started working with the dogs and how they were key in helping the entire family make the move from Chile to Hollywood! and on twitter at @OlateDogs.

The Dangers Of Distracted Driving
In a touching and important conversation, today Mark and Cristina welcome Bonnye Spray. In March of 2006, Bonnye's daughter Amanda was involved in a major car accident caused by texting and driving. While Amanda survived that crash, one year later she was not so lucky. In April of 2007, while texting and driving, Amanda was fatally killed in another car accident. Today Amanda's mom Bonnye is joined by California Highway Patrol Commissioner, Joe Farrow to discuss the real dangers of distracted driving, the #1 killer of teens today. Bonnye also shares an important message for parents and adults who are still not paying attention behind the wheel!

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Decoupage your Furniture with Tanya Memme!
Lifestyle expert and host of "Sell This House Extreme," Tanya Memme is back with a craft project to breathe new life into old furniture. Today Tanya demonstrates how to decoupage furniture in no time at all! While you can grab most of these craft supplies at the craft store, a lot of the supplies you'll have lying around your home. Plus, this craft is so simple that the entire family can take part!

Found Magazine Editor Davy Rothbart
A couple of years ago, Davy Rothbart found an angry discarded note on his car windshield. While the note was amusing, it also prompted Davy and some friends to start collecting random discarded letters, cards, to-do lists, and more into a magazine called " Found." Today, Davy shares some of his most amazing finds that make " Found" magazine such a great find!

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