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Cristina Ferrare
Join us in welcoming Cristina Ferrare back to Home & Family. Many of you recognize Cristina from the original Home show and we've brought her back to team up with Mark in all new how-to's recipes and fun! Today we get Cristina into the kitchen to teach us how to make her recipe for Egg Carton Cookies.

Dot Marie Jones
Dot Marie Jones is back on Home & Family today! The "Glee" star starts off by showing Mark & Cristina how to make her sweet and spicy Coconut Catfish Recipe. Plus, Dot gives us some great tips on keeping a cast-iron skillet; a must have for frying catfish! And later, Dot gives us a sneak peek on Thanksgiving episode of "Glee" and Mark, and Cristina's inner "gleeks" are on full display when they play Kareoke with Dot.

Kym Douglas
Author and beauty expert, Kym Douglas stops by for a Home & Family reunion. Today, Kym reminisces about her days on the original "Home & Family" show including an update on her son, whose birth Kym documented on the show. Kym also brings a copy of her new book, "Bliss Happens," that empowers you to build a roadmap to finding your own bliss!

Rescuing Your Digital Photos
We need you to do an experiment…grab your phone, and count the number of photos you have saved. If you're like most of us, you have tons of personal pictures stored on your phone. Now, think about how easy it is to lose your phone and all of those personal pictures. With that in mind, today Mark is going to teach you not only how to safely store your pictures, but will also show us some great software to organize and improve the quality of them.
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Caroline Armer
Caroline Armer from the Magnolia Bakery is in the kitchen to teach us how to make a marvelous Thanksgiving themed desert. Today, Caroline is combining some of her own favorite recipes to create the "Home And Family Pumpkin Chocolate Bars." This recipe is simple and fun for the entire family!
>"> Get Caroline's recipe for "Home & Family Pumpkin Chocolate Bars" here>>

Nicole Pollard
Stylist and Owner of the luxury brand LaLaLuxe, Nicole Pollard stops by with some great holiday travel advice. As we all know, Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year and AAA projects 43.6 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Today Nicole will teach us how to pack light for the holiday weekend.
Nicole's Packing Tips:

1. Just like in the magazines, mix and match outfits by creating a "color story." 2. Layer your bulkiest clothing to wear on the plane. (ie. boots, jacket, scarves) 3. Stuff any empty space (ie. the inside of shoes) with socks and accessories. Today's items modeled include:

Zara: Cream Blouse- $29.90 Macy's: Plaid Scarf- $34.00 H&M: Cheetah Scarf- $12.95 Target: Black Sweater Dress- $29.99 H&M: Sequin Cardigan- $29.95 Banana Republic: Red Blouse- $39.50 Zara: Leather Blazer- $89.90 H&M: Dark Denim- $9.95 Macy's: Festive Bib Necklace- $38.00 Target: Black Boots- $39.99 Target: Black Flats- $14.99Target: Black Boots- $39.99 Target: Black Flats- $14.99 Get more of Nicole's travel tips at:

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Dr. Karyn Eilber
The Cedars-Sinai Associate Director of Urology Residency Program, Dr. Karyn Eilber is back to discuss an important issue for women. Urinary Tract Infections (or UTIs) are more common in women and can be easily prevented. Today, Dr. Eilber discusses the most common causes and treatments for UTI's.