Talking to Your Children about the Newtown, CT Tragedy
As the nation mourns the tragedy in Newtown, CT, it is important that we take the appropriate steps to talk about the tragedy with our children. Today, Dr. Stephanie Marcy, Licensed Child Psychologist at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, offers some practical advice for speaking to your children about the tragedy. And later, Dr. Marcy talks about some of the warning signs that may signal that a child you know may need psychological help.

Deana Martin
Daughter of the legendary Dean Martin, Deana, stops by today for a special visit. Today Deana talks about her famous father and about growing up with "The Rat Pack." Deana chats about spending the holidays with Uncle Frank (Sinatra) and Uncle Sammy (Davis Jr.). Plus, Deana gives us a wonderful throwback to her dad, singing one of his great hits, "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm."

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Chef Ashley Rix
All the way from Memphis, Chef Ashley Rix is here to teach us some unique combinations on a classic candy favorite. As an innovator, Chef Rix has made a name for himself creating unique confections, including his Barbeque Chocolate Truffle. Today, Chef Rix teaches us a simple version of a classic Chocolate Truffle.

Rachel Hollis
Event and Wedding Planner Extraordinaire, Rachel Hollis is here today to help plan your next holiday soiree. First, Rachel gives some simple holiday decorating tips with products from your local party supply store. Plus, Rachel teaches us some fabulous holiday Martini's with accompanying appetizers.

Cristina's Crafts
With all of today's great chefs, we thought it may be a great time to show off Cristina's creativity. Just in time for the holidays, Cristina is going to teach us how to make some beautiful handmade gifts. Cristina is teaching us how to make crystal picture frames at a fraction of the cost typically seen in the store.

Holiday Tipping Etiquette
Lifestyle Expert Stacie Krajchir-Tom is here with some handy advice for giving holiday gifts to the people who help us throughout the year. From teachers, to the mailman, Stacie has some great suggestions for tips and gifts. As Stacie shows, with a little creativity you can accommodate everyone on your list this year without blowing your budget.

Mark's Camera Tips
We decided to give Mark a break from cooking so he can teach us some more great camera tips! Today, Mark is breaking down some common photo file formats that every photographer needs to know, including:
Why Would You Shoot Using The Raw Setting?

1. More information and detail if you ever want a high quality print.
2. You can always convert the raw to a jpeg but you can never convert a jpeg to a raw

Why Shoot In JPEG?

1. To save space on hard drive, or if you are on vacation and forgot to bring extra memory cards.
2. If you know you are only going to share the images on the web, like Facebook.

Note: jpeg's can be printed, but image quality may suffer depending on how much you compressed the picture (how small the jpeg is)

Aida Mollenkamp
Food Expert, TV Host, and Author, Aida Mollenkamp is here with an amazing recipe from her new book "Keys To The Kitchen." Today, Aida is preparing one of her more ambitious recipes, a Caramelized Fennel Tarte Tatin.