Tori & Dean

Dean McDermott is back with some very special guests. Today, Dean bring along all the kids and Tori! Dean helps get the festivities started with gifts for Mark, Cristina, and new mom Tori. Plus, Dean and Tori share some of their favorite holiday traditions. And later, Dean and Tori share some great holiday tips and recipes including Dean's Candy Cane Yule Log and Tori's Homemade Snow Globe.

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Tracy Metro Ringmaster of " The Domestic Circus," Tracy Metro is back today for some great home organization tips. Today, Tracy demonstrates some simple ways to organize your laundry room. Plus, Tracy has some great folding tips to help organize and store your linens.

Tracy Metro's Tips For Organizing Your Linens:

1. Fold towels so that the edges are hidden and the towels look fluffy and neat (this is how I fold – in a try-fold)

2. To get all fancy, do the French fold that you find in hotels. Towel is folded in thirds, then 1/4s.

3. Keep sets of guest towels together, bound with twill tape or ribbon. When visitors arrive, just transfer a stack from the laundry shelf or linen closet to guest bedroom.

4. Fold the sheets right as they come out of the dryer to avoid wrinkles, and do the snap and fold technique which helps get wrinkles out.

5. Some people like to fold the entire set of sheets minus one pillowcase which is used to store all of the sheets!

6. Folding sheets on a table, or using washing machine/dryer makes the task much easier than trying to do it mid-air

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Cristina Cooks Cristina has a very special cooking segment today as her daughter Alex joins her! Today, Cristina and Alex celebrate Christmas by preparing a traditional Italian dish that is part of the Feast of Seven Fishes. Plus, having been recently diagnosed with celiac disease, Alex is adding a new twist to her Calamari pasta, preparing this recipe totally gluten free.

The Fab Four Today's performance is one you'll have to see to believe. Mark and Cristina are thrilled today to welcome "the ultimate Beatles tribute band," The Fab Four! Today we get to know a little bit about the group, but we also get a special performance blending the famous Beatles sound with some modern holiday classics.

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Reel Talk The Holidays aren't just a time for eating and gifts; it's also time for some huge Hollywood movies. Today, Mark and Sandie are going through some of the big films debuting this holiday season. Plus, Mark and Sandie give some advice on some films that may not be perfect for the entire family.

60 Second Floral Masterpieces World-renowned floral designer and founder of the Los Angeles School of Flower Design, Michael Gaffney is back today. First, Michael has some simple tips to help make your flowers last longer. And later, Michael shows us how to create holiday floral masterpieces in under 60 seconds!

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Animal Obesity We all know that obesity is a growing epidemic in humans, but our next guest, Dr. Ernie Ward, discusses the rising rates of pet obesity. Today, Dr. Ernie is giving you some great tips to help your pet have a long and healthy life.