David Hasselhoff

Today on Home & Family, Mark & Paige welcome TV legend and international superstar "The Hoff," David Hasselhoff! With one of the hottest videos on YouTube ("Hooked on a Feeling") and a staring role as "Hoff the Hook" in Peter Pan, is clear the "Hoff" is still taking the world by storm. Today, David talks with Mark & Paige about his decades in show business, his one man show, "An Evening With David Hasselhoff," and his upcoming holiday movie "The Christmas Consultant." Plus, David talks about his experiences and his influence as an international superstar. Get all things "Hoff" at

Natasha Henstridge

At 15, Natasha Henstridge landed the cover of French "Cosmopolitan." Now a mother of two, Natasha joins Mark & Paige to talk about being a mom and how her own experiences as a young celebrity influence her now as a parent. Plus, Natasha talks about her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, "Christmas Song" premiering this Saturday at 8/7c. Find out more about "Christmas Song" here:

Cat Cora

Cat Cora made history as the first and only female "Iron Chef" and has also been inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame. With Paige as her assistant, Cat's "supreme cuisine" is on full display in the Home & Family kitchen. Today Cat is preparing a seasonal Pomegranate Glazed Cornish Game Hen with a wild rice stuffing. And later, Cat talks about her new line of all natural cooking oil as well as her new smart phone App.

Tony Gunawan

2000 Olympic Badminton Gold medalist Tony Gunawan teaches Mark & Paige how to play the fastest racquet sport in the world. Tony began playing badminton at age five and quickly became one of the top junior players in his home country of Indonesia. Along with his Olympic Gold Medal, Tony is also a two-time World Champion and one of the most decorated doubles players in the history of the sport. Today, Tony is joined by his wife Eti who is also an accomplished badminton player. The two have created and run a badminton academy for children. Get more information about Tony's Badminton Academy here:

Tamara Berg

Host of "The Tamara Twist" and DIY expert Tamara Berg is back to show us how to make a mirrored panel dresser. This hip and trendy must have, can run cost hundreds of dollars, but with Tamara's simple DIY tips, you can create your own for a fraction of the price. Go to for directions on Tamara's DIY mirrored dresser.

Kailen Rosenberg

Renowned relationship expert and "Love Architect" Kailen Rosenberg is sharing her advice on how couples can spice up their relationship. From money issues to raising children, Kailen offers advice that clear relationship blocks along with building genuine relationship knowledge so that couples can have an entirely new experience in love and life. Learn more about the Kailen Rosenberg and the Love Architects here:

Shirley Bovshow

Landscape designer and garden coach Shirley Bovshow is back to teach you how to repurpose your leftover fall decorations. Today Shirley shows you how to turn a straw bale into a year round planter. Shirley's tips will turn this traditional fall decoration into an organic planter that will continue to contribute to your garden for months to come.

Find all the plants from today's show at:

Sandie Newton

We all know Sandie Newton from Home & Family's "Hot Flash Sales," but today Sandie puts on her entertainment reporter hat on and gives you her best picks for new and upcoming movies. Sandie gives her take on two movies opening this weekend, "Wreck-It-Ralph" and "Flight," starring Denzel Washington. While "Flight" is not for the kids, Sandie gives this film two enthusiastic thumbs up calling it "Oscar worthy!" Plus Sandie has her top picks for new DVD releases, including "Dark Shadows" starring Johnny Depp.