Dana Vollmer
Fresh off setting a World Record in London, 4-time Olympic Gold Medalist Dana Vollmer joins Mark & Paige to talk about her extraordinary road to swimming glory. Dana opens up about her gluten allergy and a heart condition that required her to train and compete with a defibrillator poolside. Now a spokesperson for the American Heart Association, Dana takes a minute to show Mark & Paige a quick easy recipe for Gluten free Pizza.

Earlene Winn
Today on Home & Family, a popular workout trend thats literally going to the dogs. Dog specialist Earlene Winn is on today to teach Puppy Pilates. For puppies as young as 8-weeks, this exciting workout routine helps to work out the core and hips of your four-legged friend. And you won't want to miss Mark and his best friend Fred taking on the Puppy Pilate obstacle course!
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Melissa Rivers
Today, one of Mark's longtime friends Melissa Rivers stops by to talk about working two shows and her most important job, being a mom. Mark & Paige get a sneak peek of Melissa's new clothing line and later Melissa dishes about her permanent houseguest...Joan!

Face Lace
From across the pond in Britain, Mark & Paige get a close up of one of the hottest trends for Halloween and beyond. It's called face lace and the reusable decorations add style to any hi-end look. Plus, Mark and Paige get a DIY twist to this growing trend.
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Dianne Burnett
After a painful and public divorce, reality TV creator Dianne Burnett tells her emotional story about her journey to take control of her life. Burnett opens up about learning her marriage was over on the radio and how her new book "The Road to Reality" helped her take back her life and learn to forgive.
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Meredith Morris
Celebrity hairstylist Meredith Morris takes a break from the Beverly Hills salon to talk about DIY haircare. For everyone who can't spend $100 on haircare, Meredith shows us some quick and simple techniques that will give you the Hollywood look on a Dollar Store budget!
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