Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson went from an Australian YouTube sensation to opening nationwide for Justin Bieber! Today, Cody and his family are on Home & Family talking about his success and the importance of keeping a young superstar grounded. And later, Cody takes to the Home & Family deck to perform his newest hit "Wish You Were Here." Get more of Cody's music and tour dates here:

Pati Jinich

Host of "Pati's Mexican Table" Pati Jinich takes over the Home & Family kitchen today to teach us how to make a traditional Mexican Mole sauce. A traditional feature in Mexican cuisine, Mole simply means sauce or paste. Today, Pati explains the essential elements of a traditional Mole sauce as she creates a seasonal Pumpkin & Ancho Chile Mole.

Rick Schwartz

From the San Diego Zoo, Zoo Ambassador Rick Schwartz and his animal menagerie visit Mark & Paige. Wherever Rick goes he shares information about the animals and plants of the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. Today, Rick brings some of his Zoo friends, including alligators, foxes, leopards, and for our Australian visitors, a wallaby. Along with his volumes of information on animals, Rick also talks today about the importance of conservation and protecting our endangered species. Learn more about the San Diego Zoo at:

Marc Klaas

Marc Klaas, founder of The KlaasKids Foundation, joins Mark & Paige with a story every parent should watch. On October 1st 1993, Marc's twelve-year-old caught Polly was kidnapped from her own bedroom. The search for Polly ended tragically, prompting her father to take action to protect the lives of other children. Established in 1994, The KlaasKids Foundation works to create effective programs and initiatives to protect our children. Marc also started the law enforcement database "Beyond Missing" that further works to enable police and first responders to effectively distribute information on missing children. Find more information on The KlaasKids Foundation at:

Learn more about Beyond Missing at:

Julia Howard

Julia Howard from Amber Alert GPS demonstrates the latest in child tracking technology. With devices the size of a child's hand, Amber Alert GPS products feature two-way calling, GPS tracking and wireless connectivity. Amber Alert GPS has also integrated the National Sex Offender database. Whenever your child is within 500 feet of a registered offender's home, you will be alerted via text and/or email. Get more information on Amber Alert GPS at:

Denise Vivaldo

With the Holidays just around the corner, culinary consultant Denise Vivaldo is back to show us how to create a simple holiday buffet. We all know the feeling of sitting the family down for s holiday meal then spending the next HOUR passing plates of food back and forth until our picky relatives are satisfied. We've all been there, but today Denise shows us a simple buffet set-up that will let your picky relatives pick while everyone else can sit and eat!