Clay Walker
Multi-platinum country recording superstar Clay Walker is playing the Home & Family stage today. Clay opens up about his first big musical performance as a teenager, and how that experience helped motivate him to pursue a lifelong career in music. Clay also talks about his charity, the Military Warriors Support Foundation that works to support our soldiers and their families. Plus, Clay opens up about being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis early in his career and talks about his foundation Band Against MS that works to raise money to find a cure. And later, we get to see the world exclusive debut of Clay's new single "Wrong Enough to Know! "

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Your Killer Emotions
We all experience a wide range of emotions in our daily interactions with others. While some emotions are positive, we can all recognize that our emotional state can have both good and bad implications for the decisions we make. Today, author and founder of Life-Choice Psychology, Ken Linder is here to talk about managing our emotions. Today, Ken gives you the skills you need to manage your emotional triggers and make better life choices.

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Cristina Cooks
The big game is coming and, with the help of our friends at Sargento, Cristina is going to teach us how to whip up a homemade pizza for game day. Cristina, Mark and todays family members demonstrate how simple it is for everyone to get their own personal pizza. And later, were going to take all the finished pie's for a pizza taste test!

Influenza Update
General Practitioner, Dr. Keller Wortham is here today with the latest updates on the flu. This year's flu bug came on early and has been more virulent than previous years. Today, Dr. Wortham explains the viral makeup of the flu and how viral mutations can cause havoc with our immune systems. Plus, Dr. Wortham dispels several common myths about the flu vaccine and offers advice on some of the most common over the counter flu medications.

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Hot Flash Sales
It's one of the best shopping days of the week, now that Sandie Newton is here for this week's Hot Flash Sale! This week, Sandie has some great gifts to feed the senses. From Jewelry to scented candles, this weeks items are all guaranteed for delivery by Valentines Day. Plus, this week Sandie unveils her "Buyers choice" items. These items all sold out, but due to popular demand, we've brought them back at deeply discounted prices!

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Tracy Metro
If you need a one of a kind display for the big game, Tracy Metro has you covered. Today, Tracy is making her " Meatrodome," that looks intimidating, but is actually quite simple to make. From a simple superstructure of cardboard and packing tape, you too can create you own supersized "metronome!"

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Change your Life Series
Katie and Kristy Aiani are back for another edition of Mark's "Change Your Life Series." On our last edition, Executive Chef Kelly Boyer gifted the sisters a free meal delivery service from her company, Paleta. Today, Kelly is back to check on the sisters and find out how they have adjusted to their new meal plan. And later, the sisters get a visit from an old friend, Certified Personal Trainer Adam Berezowksy. With Adam on board, the sisters are integrating a serious workout routine and are setting concrete weight-loss goals.

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