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Today on Home & Family: Casper Van Dien

Today on Home & Family

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Casper Van Dien
The super handsome Casper Van Dien is on Home & Family for the Holidays. The Sci-fi veteran talks about his role in the 90's blockbuster "Starship Troopers," and his new role in the upcoming adaptation of the Mortal Kombat video game, "Mortal Kombat: Legacy." Plus, Casper talks about his family holiday traditions and his upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie, " Baby's First Christmas," premiering this Saturday at 8p/7c.

Make sure you catch Casper in "Baby's First Christmas," this Saturday on Hallmark Channel: www.hallmarkchannel.com/babysfirstchristmas

Make Every Day A Challah Day
Chris Brugler, " The Challah King of Beverly Hills," stops by to teach Mark and Cristina a few twists to this holiday favorite. Challah comes from the Jewish tradition and refers to a piece of a small piece of dough that was pulled off before baking and set aside as an offering to the rabbi. Today, Chris shows some of his unique variations on Challah and teaches Mark & Cristina how to make the signature braids.

Get Chris's recipe for traditional Challah bread here>>

Try Chris's Warm White Chocolate Challah Bread Pudding here>>

Get Chris's Mother's Day Chocolate Challah French Toast here>>

Try out Dried Cranberry & Walnut Melt with Roasted Turkey here>>

Get more from Chris Brugler, "The Challah King of Beverly Hills" here: www.challahking.com & www.chrisbruglercatering.com.

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A Capella Sensation Pentatonix!
A Cappella sensations and winners of NBC’s "The Sing-Off," Pentatonix are back to share some melodious holiday vocals. Plus, Hallmark Channel & Pentatonix are giving away a pair of concert tickets to any city in American on the Pentatonix Tour, plus a free copy of the Christmas album "PTXmas" to two lucky winners watching the show today.
Just follow us on twitter @hallmarkchannel right now and look for our tweet with the #pentatonixprize hashtag.

All you have to do is retweet that exact tweet and you're entered to win! We'll choose two random retweets by the end of today and we'll notify you if you've won! Good luck! Just follow us on twitter @hallmarkchannel right now and look for our tweet with the #pentatonixprize hashtag


All you have to do is retweet that exact tweet and you're entered to win! We'll choose two random retweets by the end of today and we'll notify you if you've won! Good luck!

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Hot Flash Sale
Happy Hot Flash Thursday! Sandie Newton is back for this week's super discounts on high-end products. Today, Sandie has brought more huge savings from 60%-70% on clothing, jewelry, and even iPad cases. And this week, a portion of the sales will go to Lucky Puppy Rescue, a non-profit organization that works to re-home dogs in need.
Get this week's Hot Flash Sale Items here: www.hotflashsalesonline.com.

Learn more about this week's pet charity here: www.luckypuprescue.org.

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Ken Wingard: Gift Wrapping with Household Items
DIY Expert Ken Wingard is back today with some tips that are perfect for the last minute holiday planners. Today Ken is solving that age-old problem, what to do when you run out of wrapping paper! We've all been there, and today Ken has you covered with his tips on household items that can be made into gorgeous wrapping paper!

WATCH Ken Wingard make beautiful wrapping paper with household items>>

Get more great DIY tips from Ken Wingard here: www.kennethwingard.com.

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Mark Cooks!
Prepare to be shocked! Today, Mark is taking charge in the kitchen and baking Peppermint Dipped Chocolate Cookies! And, not only in Mark cooking, but he even has some great tips to help you in any kitchen recipe.
WATCH Mark baking Peppermint Dipped Chocolate Cookies>>

Get the recipe for Peppermint Dipped Chocolate Cookies here>>

Great Holiday Games with Wii U
David Young from Nintendo of America stops by to demonstrate one of the hottest game systems of this season, Wii U. The Wii U is the next generation HD GamePad that works with traditional Wii games, social media and services like Netflix. David also talks about some of the new Wii games that are fun for the entire family and are in stores just in time for the holidays.

Learn more about the Nintendo Wii U here: www.nintendo.com/wiiu.