UK Cooking Sensation Caroline Mili Artiss
Back from across the pond, British cooking sensation Caroline Mili Artiss is back on Home & Family! Today, Caroline shares more of her story of going from YouTube chef to international cooking star! Plus, with a little help from Mark and Cristina, Caroline teaches us how to prepare Malaysian Curry Puffs!

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Heartbreak to Happiness with Aurora Winter
Author and Founder of the Grief Coach Academy, Aurora Winter is here today to teach us how to overcome adversity in our lives. A few years ago Aurora was living the "American Dream" with a wonderful husband, a successful business, and a small family of her own. All that changed when her husband suddenly died. Despondent, Aurora tried everything from exercise to writing before discovering the recipe to regaining happiness in her life. Today, Aurora shares how she turned heartbreak into happiness and offers some helpful advice for anyone struggling with grief.

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After Christmas Sales with Cristina
After this years slow retail-shopping season, retailers are offering sime great deals for those after Christmas sales! Today, Cristina gives us some awesome tips to help maximize our value when shopping after holiday sales. From returned merchandise to overstocked items, Cristina is going to give you the retail tips to get you the best value.

Packing up Christmas
The holiday season is finally over but now it's time to start taking down the decorations. While it may not be as much fun as the tree trimming party, today Jennifer Farrell is going teaching us some simple ways to make packing the holiday decorations a breeze. From DIY ornament storage containers to creative ways to store your lights, Jennifer's tips will make holiday cleanup simple. Plus, Jennifer has some great eco-friendly ways to dispose of your tree!

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Dealing with Debt
Debt expert Harvey Warren is back today with some more advice on dealing with debt collectors. Anyone dealing with debt knows the feeling of helplessness, but today Harvey is going to teach you how to exercise your rights as a consumer. And later, Harvey is going to teach you how to take control of collection calls and work with your creditors to get your finances on track!

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Mark's Change Your Life Series
Welcome to a new part of Home & Family called "Mark's Change your Life Series!" In this new segment, Mark is going to help us reach our goals through taking control of our physical, mental, and emotional health! To kick things off, today Mark and Cristina share their own stories of taking control of their physical health. And later, Mark and Cristina welcome sisters Katie and Kristy Alani who are also taking part in this segment. The sisters' emotional story is a strong motivation for anyone looking to take control of their health!