Bruce Jenner
Former world’s greatest athlete and now world famous dad, Olympic Champion Bruce Jenner stops by to visit Home & Family! Bruce talks with Mark & Paige about his road to the Olympics and about being a gold medal dad, and making a “blended” family of ten work! Plus, Bruce shares his love of flying with a demonstration of his piloting skills in the H&F backyard!
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Jennifer Farrell
Lifestyle expert Jennifer Farrell is back to teach Mark & Paige how to decorate a pumpkin that will last through the season. With an eye towards safety, Jennifer's decorating tips are knife-free and fun for the whole family. With just a touch of paint and some craft supplies, Jennifer shows you how to make a fancy pumpkin that is safe and will last past Halloween.
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Dean McDermott
Heartthrob and Mr. Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott takes time away from dad duty to visit Home & Family. Dean, talks about his marriage to Tori and his growing family. Plus Dean, "the gourmet dad," chats about being the family cook and about his own cooking influences. Later Dean takes over the kitchen and shares his own recipes for the holidays.

Dr. Bill Dorfman
If you’re afraid of the dentist, you'll want to watch this segment. In what Paige calls "no pain Novocain," Dr. Bill Dorfman shows the latest breakthrough in painless dental care. Dr. Dorfman shows a new technology called the "Dental Vibe" that tricks your brain into shutting down its pain gateway making dental shots painless. Plus, Dr. Dorfman explains the best ways to whiten your teeth and dispels common myths about over the counter teeth whiteners.
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Today Mark & Paige take on one of the hottest new workout trends! It's called Piloxing and is a combination of Pilates and boxing. Piloxing is a fat burning, muscle sculpting, core-centric workout that is both fun and challenging. The class is the brainchild of Swedish dancer and trainer Viveca Jensen whose goal was to physically and mentally empower through fitness.
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