From NBC's "Grimm," Bitsie Tulloch & Sasha Roiz
From the NBC fairytale drama "Grimm," stars Bitsie Tulloch and Sasha Roiz join the family today. Inspired by the classic Grimm Brothers' Fairy Tales, "Grimm" is the story of a police detective who inherits the ability to see supernatural creatures. Today, Bitsie and Sasha give a behind the scenes look at the amazing special effects that make the show a hit. Plus, Bitsie and Sasha brought along a sneak peek of the new season!
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Cristina Crafts
To help prepare for St. Patrick's Day, Cristina has tips for creating a beautiful holiday tablescape. Using a combination of real and plastic flowers, Cristina shows how to create a low-cost craft that will show your holiday spirit. Cristina also shows how to create custom colored flowers with just a few drops of food coloring.

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Magician Murray SawChuck
The charismatic and wild haired magician Murray SawChuck is back with more feats of prestidigitation. Murray warms up with a few card tricks and even shows a few secrets so you can recreate the illusions at home. Then Murray conjures a MASSIVE, history-making trick that you'll have to see to believe!

Fun with Stencils
With a retro approach to home decor is Melanie Royals, Creative Director of the Royal Design Studios. Today Melanie demonstrates why the art of stenciling is making a huge comeback. And don't worry if your not overly artistic, Melanie shares the keys to stenciling that make this craft simple for anyone of any skill. Plus, you can follow the Royal Design Studio on twitter @RoyalStencils and on Facebook.

Get Fit with the Bosu Ball
Fitness visionary and inventor of the Bosu Ball, David Weck, has a new way to hit the gym from your living room, tablet, or even cell phone. The program is called SpiroFIT and it's an online, on-demand workout experience that gives users access to 9 of the best trainers in the world. Users get a personal live-streaming workout that's available online through any compatible device. Plus, David brought along a couple Bosu balls to put Mark and Murray through a Bosu ball workout!
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Orly Shani
Designer Orly Shani has created a way to take those adorable clothes your kids don't wear, and turn them into stylish accents for yourself. As you watch your kids grow, Orly's craft lets you hold onto a 'little' part of their childhood. Plus, Orly's clothing craft is super simple and can even turn your out of season duds into a trendy new look.

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Mark's Change Your Life Series
The Aiani sisters, Katie and Kristy, stopped by for a very revealing talk with internist and nutrition specialist, Dr. Melina Jampolis. Dr. Jampolis talks with Katie and Kristy about under-eating. Whether for increased results or due to illness, today Dr. Jampolis explains the importance of maintaining a healthy caloric intake. Plus, the Aiani sisters talk about a few tricks they've learned to help eat healthier all day long!
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Mark's Tips For Cleaning Rusty Tools
Spring is around the corner and that means it'll soon be time to head out into the garden. So, to help you dust off a little bit of winter rust, Mark shares his tips for cleaning all your yard tools. For just a couple bucks, Mark shows how you can clean your yard tools and clear off months of rust and plant bacteria. Mark also shares some useful tips to help extend the life on your tools!