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Today on Home & Family: Belinda Carlisle

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Cristina Cooks
Today Cristina is sharing her recipe for a beautiful risotto with fresh peas and asparagus. As Cristina takes us through the recipe, she offers some great tips on the process of making a risotto. Cristina also shares how to get the more flavor and health benefits from the fresh peas and asparagus in this recipe. And as Cristina shows, this recipe is so simple that you can still be social with friends in the kitchen while making a scrumptious meal!

Get Cristina's recipe for Risotto with Fresh Peas and Asparagus>>

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Belinda Carlisle
Belinda Carlisle burst onto the music scene as part of the super successful girl band, "The Go-Go's." Belinda then launched her solo career, earning a Grammy nomination for her second solo album "Heaven on Earth." Today Belinda talks about her rise to fame as a "Go-Go" and the eventual break-up of the group. Plus, eight-years sober, Belinda talks candidly about the impact of drugs and alcohol on her life and career. And later, Belinda shares her thoughts on family and spirituality, including how her son pushed her to get back into the studio.

Watch Belinda Carlisle talk about her music, her life, and more>>

Visit www.belindacarlisle.tv for more on rock icon Belinda Carlisle. And don't miss Belinda Carlisle's new album, "Icon," available March 19th in stores and on iTunes.

Natural Product Expo
Eco expert and Gorgeously Green Sophie Uliano is back with a collection of green goodies today. Sophie just got back from the 2013 Natural Food Expo West, the world's largest tradeshow for the natural, organic, and healthy products industry. Today Sophie is showing off some of her favorite finds from the expo, including a selection of the newest trends in healthy products, allergy free food. Sophie also has a great selection of 'superfoods' and a new healthy version of coconut oils & spreads.

New Food Trends from 2013 Natural Product Expo:

Get more great green info from Sophie Uliano at: www.GorgeouslyGreen.com. And, make sure you follow Sophie on twitter at: @SophieUliano.

Yarn Bombing
Here to teach us all about 'yarn bombing' are HGTV's Kitty Bartholomew and friend Mary Kennedy! Yarn bombing or guerrilla knitting, is a "more feminine form of graffiti" where women cover local attractions, signs, and more in yarn or or other knitted graffiti. Today Kitty and Mary explain how to yarn bomb and even yarn bomb a few things around the house!
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Preparing for a New Dog
Preparing your home and family for a new dog can be an exciting and challenging process. That's why today, we've got the owner of the Lucky Puppy Rescue, Melissa Bacelar with some helpful tips on bringing a new animal into your home. Today, Melissa details some of the do's and don'ts of prepping you and your family for a new pet. Plus, Melissa's special guest "Charles" participates in a specials demonstration on the power of doggie treats.

Get more pet friendly tips from Lucky Puppy Rescue at: www.luckypuppyrescueandretail.org.

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Hot Flash Sales
It's Thursday, which means it's time to break out your wallet and get ready to shop our weekly Hot Flash Sale items. Earrings, necklaces, scarves and more are all deeply discounted on this weeks Hot Flash Sale. In fact, this week's items are all over 60% off! And don't forget to visit us on Facebook for some exclusive sale items.

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Homemade Energy Bars
We all love the convenience of fast food, but the health benefits can be minimal at best. Today, we welcome dietitian Ashley Koff with some healthy grab-and-go food options. From homemade trail mix to chocolate alternatives, Ashley has some fun and healthy options that will keep your busy family moving. Plus, Ashley has a great recipe for homemade energy bars!

Get Ashley's Homemade Energy Bar Recipe here>>

Get more nutritional and dietary information from Ashley Koff at: www.ashleykoffapproved.com.

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Change Your Life Series
The weight-loss journey of the Aiani sisters, Katie and Kristy, continues today as they discuss some of the unseen changes they've undergone since starting the series. Today the sisters discuss the changes in their energy levels and more importantly, in their overall attitudes towards changing their lives. And later, the girls get a collection of Slimware, a unique line of dinnerware with an emphasis on portion consciousness fused with elegant yet convenient dining.

Watch Katie and Kristy Aiani talk about the positive side effects of participating in Mark's Change Your Life Series>>

Learn more about the unique line of dinnerware from Slimware: www.slimware.com.

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