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Today on Home & Family: Arielle Kebbel

Arielle Kebbel
Star of the Hallmark Channel Original Movie " A Bride for Christmas," Arielle Kebbel stops by today. Arielle, talks with Mark and Cristina about her delightful Christmas movie before she takes some cooking lessons from Cristina. Today, Arielle learns how to make a tasty French Omelet; and later, Arielle talks about playing a vampire on the CW's smash hit "The Vampire Diaries."

Get Cristina's French Omelet Recipe here>>

Get more about "A Bride for Christmas," premiering Saturday, December 1st at 8/7c: www.hallmarkchannel.com/abrideforchristmas.

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Lisa Bloom
In the last few decades, women have made extraordinary progress on the road to equality. And, while women have higher college graduation rates, 25% of American women would rather win "America's Next Top Model," than win The Nobel Peace Prize. Today, author and lawyer Lisa Bloom talks about the staggering lack of global competence she found in researching her New York Times bestseller "Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World."
Check out Lisa's other books and more here: www.lisabloom.com .

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Tanya Memme
Lifestyle expert Tanya Memme is in full holiday swing, putting up the Christmas decorations for the Home & family house. Today, Tanya walks us through the amazing decorating job she did on the house and gives us some great tips on how to make decorating your own home easier.

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Get more DIY tips from Tanya Memme here: www.tanyamemme.com .

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Chanda Bell
Today Mark & Cristina welcome the creative mind behind one of the hottest holiday toys, " Elf on the Shelf." The " Elf on the Shelf" is an interactive holiday hide-and-seek tool that helps Santa know who to put on the naughty and nice list. Today, Chanda talks about how she turned a family tradition into this holiday toy that's fun for children and families of all ages. And later, Chanda talks about the "Elf on the Shelf" cartoon special, available on DVD this holiday season.

Adopt your own Elf on the Shelf here: www.elfontheshelf.com. And find out more about the upcoming Elf on the Shelf TV special here: www.anelfsstory.com .

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Fabio Viviani
From Bravo's "Top Chef All-Stars," Chef Fabio Viviani is back today to teach us how to make a traditional Italian dish. Today, Fabio will teach you how to prepare a fresh Pumpkin Agnolotti with Truffle Butter. Agnolotti is traditional Italian pasta similar to ravioli. Today Fabio will teach you how to make Agnolotti from scratch; plus, Fabio's recipe has been modernized to get that traditional favor in half the time.

Get Fabio's recipe here>>

Get Fabio's newsletter and recipes here: www.fabioviviani.com .

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The Home & Family Pregnancy Series
Home & Family Senior Producer, Natalie Thomas is back to catch us up on her first pregnancy. Now into her 2nd trimester, Natalie talks about the "growing pains" and about traveling while pregnant. And later, Natalie gets some very special advice from an dear friend and fellow new mom!

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Tina Dizon
From "The Bang Station" in Beverly Hills, Tina Dizon stops by to teach us all things bangs! An innovator in her own right, Tina will talk about the different styles of bangs and how a simple change to your bangs can create a brand new look. And later, Tina will walk you through the steps to get perfect bangs at home!

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Reel Talk
It's Friday, which means is time for "Reel Talk!" This week Sandie Newton joins Mark for this week's recommendations for your weekend movie watching. Today Mark & Sandie review a couple new DVD releases including "Sparkle" and "Paranorman." Plus, Sandie and Mark talk about this year's box office smash hit, "Twilight: Breaking Dawn."