Andrea Schroder

Back by popular demand, it's Andrea Schroder! Today Andrea brought along her own 'special helpers' to help tackle the holiday decorations in the family room. Andrea gives some great advice on holiday decorating, including different ways to make sustainable decorations for every holiday! And later, Andrea gives a step-by-step guide to creating great eco-friendly decorations with the entire family.

Cristina Cooks Mark's cooking lessons continue today as Cristina teaches him to make a sumptuous Chicken Piccata. Today's recipe is super simple and extra healthy. And this time, Cristina makes Mark really get his hands dirty in the kitchen! Plus, Cristina makes a simple bed of sautéed spinach for some extra added flare and nutrition to this quick and easy recipe. Find Cristina's Chicken Piccata recipe at her website.

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Holiday Gifts Under $50 The CEO of, Jane Buckingham is here today to show us some great holiday gifts for under $50. Jane's company, Trendera, utilizes customer engagement to develop complete outlooks for the most popular trends. From kitchen helpers to eco-friendly and customizable gifts, Jane has you covered with this year's top trending gifts for under $50.

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Buying the Perfect Camera Mark is out of the kitchen and into the living room to teach us how to buy the best camera this holiday season. Anyone pricing a new camera probably knows that it can get very pricey and complicated. Today, Mark will cover some digital camera basics of camera types from point-and-click to Digital SLR cameras. Plus, Mark will help to explain what all those camera accessories do and what ones might be right for you.

Healthy Holiday Elixirs It's entirely too easy to get stressed during the holiday season but today's guest has some great drinks to help you out. Nutritionist and Host of "Peggy K's Kitchen Cures," Peggy Kostopoulos has been featured in various publications including Shape Magazine,, and Fitness Magazine. Today, Peggy creates some great holiday themed mock-tails and elixirs to help you get through the holidays and feel great!

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Creating your own Holiday Tablescapes If you're like us, you love all of Cristina's great recipes but as Cristina reminded us, 'presentation counts!' So, today Cristina gives you the tips you need to create a fabulous holiday tablescape. Today Cristina will teach you to get all the pieces you need to create a beautiful winter wonderland at your table. Plus, Cristina shows how to create a wonderful centerpiece for practically nothing!

Tim Ferriss
Tim Ferriss has been called "The Indiana Jones of the digital age." He is part entrepreneur, writer, blogger, and is the 7th "most powerful" personality on Newsweek's Digital Power 100 Index. Today, Tim brings by some wisdom from his New York Times best selling book, " The 4-Hour Chef," to teach us how to make a perfect cup of coffee! From picking the beans to finding the perfect coffee maker and filter, Tim's tips will have you brewing like a Barista in no time.

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