Frank Siller

Today's first guest is someone who is turning tragedy into a call to improve the lives of his fellow citizens. Founder of "Tunnel to Towers," Frank Siller tragically lost his brother in the terrorist attacks of September 11th. In honor of his brother and all those lost on that terrible day, Frank began the foundation to make a lasting and positive difference in the lives of Firefighters, First Responders, and Military families. Now, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Frank and "Tunnel to Towers" are working to bring relief to the millions of victims still struggling to regain normalcy. Find out how you can help victims of Hurricane Sandy here:

Alex Newell

Runner-up on "The Glee Project" and newest "gleek," Alex Newell brings his lyrical stylings to Home & Family today. Now a recurring character on the hit series "glee," Alex talks about his winding path to his recurring role as Wade "Unique" Adams. Plus, Alex gives a special musical performance for Mark & Paige in the Home & Family family room! Follow Alex on twitter at:

Andrea Schroder

Andrea Schroder , wife of TV star Rick Schroder, stops by to show you how to create a dream board! Besides being a celebrity wife, Andrea is an accomplished TV and film producer as well as the mother of 4. Today, Andrea shows how to make a dream board to help you visually map out your goals and dreams. And later, Andrea lets us all into her family life with a little help from a very special guest. Get more of Andrea's tips and products here:

Bianca Rose

Last week Bianca Rose helped us make a fabulous election night meal and today Bianca is back to share a special surprise with Mark & Paige! Several years ago, while Bianca was working in entertainment, she was struck with a feeling of dissatisfaction towards her career and decided to take make a change. After some thought and prayer, Bianca decided it was time to follow her passion; so she left her job, started culinary school, and then opened Sweet Dreams Gourmet Desserts catering! And Bianca's 'sweet dreams' continued as she shares with Mark & Paige that Bianca and her husband are now expecting their first child! Learn more about Sweet Dreams here:

Best Buy's "Geek Squad"

In a segment for the less-tech savvy out there, today Mark & Page welcome Shannon LeBeach from Best Buy's "Geek Squad" to help bring you up to speed. Today, Shannon goes through the ins and outs of buying a webcam and using Skype! Plus, Shannon walks a Home & Family viewer through installing new hardware and software. Get more from the "Geek Squad" here:

David Binkle

In the kitchen, Mark & Paige are joined by David Binkle, Food Director the Los Angeles Unified School District. Today, David will discuss how every parent can do what the Los Angeles schools have done and provide healthier lunches for your kids. As a national leader in school lunch nutrition, Los Angeles schools were among the first to ban carbonated drinks and flavored milk. From buying local and maintaining costs, David discusses how the Los Angeles School District's approach can work at your school and in your home.

Dr. Lori Nishida

Optometrist and Vision Therapist Dr. Lori Nishida stops by Home & Family today to discuss common eye problems that can affect your children in school and possibly cause them academic harm. Dr. Nishida discusses how our eyes work and demonstrates how some common eye problems can play havoc for young children in the classroom. Plus, Dr. Nishida talks about some of the therapeutic techniques that can help improve yours and your children's vision. Get more details about Dr. Nashida here:

Robyn Poarch

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, chef and founder of Porch Pies, Robyn Poarch stops by to teach you how to spice up your Thanksgiving Pies! Today Robyn shows you one of her more interesting recipes for "Pie Pops." And later, Mark & Paige dig in to some of Robyn's pies in a Home & Family pie eating contest! Get your Porch Pies here: