Addi Somekh
Addi Somekh has traveled the world entertaining audiences with the gift of balloons! Addi's balloon twisting talents have brought laughs and smiles to thousands across cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Today, Addi is teaching us how to manipulate balloons into creative and fun ways to entertain your own home and family guests. Plus, Addi takes a moment to demonstrate how to play a balloon like a musical instrument!

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Bellamy Young
The beautiful and talented Bellamy Young is joining our family today! Bellamy is no stranger to the 'silver screen' including her current role as the First Lady in the hit ABC Drama " Scandal." Today, Bellamy talks about playing "The Nation's Hostess" and even gives a sneak preview on what's in store for the next season of the show.

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Should You Give Your Kids an Allowance?
Financial expert and founder of "," Nicole Lapin stops by today! Nicole is offering advice on the pros and cons of giving your kids an allowance. Plus, Nicole gives some helpful advice on teaching your kids the value of a dollar, including creating a structure of incentives to teach responsible money management.

Cristina Cooks
For anyone celebrating Lent or for our seafood lovers, Cristina is sharing a wonderful recipe for linguine and baby clams. Cristina starts today's recipe by offering some important information about purchasing and cleaning fresh clams, which if done improperly, can potentially ruin your recipe and be hazardous to your health. Rest assured however, Cristina's recipe is super simple and is something that you can whip up in no time.

Dr. Sandra Lee
As we all get older, "wisdom spots" are an unavoidable reality. Today, with the help of Dr. Sandra Lee, were going to show you how to effectively treat these common skin ailments. Dr. Lee offers some very helpful advice and information on age spots, (medically known as Solar Lentigo) including ways to differentiate an age spot from melanoma. And later, Dr. Lee walks us through several of the more popular treatments for 'age' spots reviewing products ranging from topical creams to lasers.
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"The Fairy Dogmother" and returning family member Laura Nativo is back with a new recipe that's perfect for you and your four-legged family members! Today, Laura is going to teach us how to make "pupcakes," made from all natural and organic ingredients. Plus, Laura uses a chocolate substitute and other doggie friendly ingredients, making these treats perfect for you and your dog!
>"> Get "Fairy Dogmother" Laura Nativo's "pupcake" recipe here>>

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Container Cakes
Beverly Hills organizer to the stars and host of Style Network's "Clean House," Linda Koopersmith is here to teach us how to make a show-stopping gift! Today, Linda is going to teach us how to make a cake-styled gift box with some simple and reusable craft supplies. Linda's "container cakes" craft project is perfect for just about any occasion, from baby showers to sending your kids off to college. Plus, everything you'll see today is available at either the Container Store or your neighborhood craft supply store.

Linda’s "Container Cake Baking" Tips:
- Determine the bottom container size by the largest gift item and graduate up in smaller sizes
- Use raffia and colored tissue paper as filler and to color your gift - Use ribbon and bows to hold the cake together

Oscar Picks with Leonard Maltin
Iconic film critic Leonard Maltin stops by today with his picks for this year's Academy Awards. However, before we can get to Leonard's picks, he and Cristina have some history to clear up. Specifically, Cristina and Leonard discuss his review of Cristina's first movie, "The Impossible Years." Later, Leonard talks about his years as a film critic, including a walk down memory lane with a few of his reviews that did not sit well with some Hollywood "A-listers." And of course, Leonard gives his picks for Oscar night's biggest prizes!