Tony Denison
Actor Tony Denison discusses the succcess of "The Closer" spin-off "Major Crimes," starring Mary McDonnell as the lead in replacement of the original series' lead Kyra Sedgwick. He praises the show's executive producer for such superb character development that attracts new and old viewers alike. Tony also talks about how vested his fanbase is in his character's love life. Later, he heads into the kitchen to put an Italian twist on French toast by inserting ricotta cheese between the slices of bread.
"Major Crimes" returns Mondays at 9/8c in November on TNT.

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How to Properly Install a Car Seat
Very soon Debbie Matenopoulos will have a baby on board as she's driving around town. The first-time mom is already nervous about how to protect her precious cargo on the way home from the hospital. California Highway Patrol Head of Child Safety Kerri Rivas and CHP Officer Leland Tang bring us up to date with state car seat laws and regulations. Learn why it's safest for babies and infants under the age of two to be rear facing and watch a demonstration on how to securely install a car seat using the latch system. Plus, find out when a car seat reaches its expiration date and how parents can be held liable if a child is not properly restrained.

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George Benson
Ten time Grammy Award winner and NEA Jazz Master George Benson explains why he's sharing his life story in a new memoir titled "Benson: The Autobiography." He discusses the evolution of jazz music and credits his step-father for introducing him to the electric guitar. Listen to his special connections to Whitney Houston and Frank Sinatra. Plus, find out about the major role George played on the soundtrack to the Muhammad Ali film. Next, he joins the family for a round of Songburst: Hits From 1978 Edition in honor of his song "On Broadway," released that year.
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Kitchen Backsplash with Paige Hemmis
"Home & Family" would like to extend a very warm welcome to our newest family member Paige Hemmis. On her first day on the job, Paige is hard at work remodeling our kitchen backsplash. She teaches us an affordable way to DIY the removal and installation. Paige goes with a basic white backsplash to complement our country kitchen. The purpose of this is prevent mold from growing in the wall when water splashes as you're doing dishes.

Mark Goes Home with Geriatrician Dr. Susan Leonard
Over the summer, Mark said farewell to his childhood home in Iowa and transitioned his dear mom into an assisted living facility. He shares personal video of his final walk-through, complete with fond memories as he sorts through and packs up sentimental belongings. UCLA geriatrician Dr. Susan Leonard provides us with tips on how to cherish the past as we move to the next phase in life. She also discusses how to address the sensative topic of assisted living with our elders who need extra care and don't want to lose independence, even if it means putting their health at risk.

Kids Drive-In Theater Cars with Tanya Memme
Tanya Memme forms an assembly line to build kid-size cars out of cardboard boxes. Children can park their custom vehicles in your homemade drive-in theater. Tune in tomorrow as Tanya constructs the movie screen. Follow her crafty adventures on Twitter @Tanya_Memme and take a look at more DIY fun on

Rescuing Our Pumpkin Patch with Shirley Bovshow
We sent out an S.O.S. to Shirley Bovshow to troubleshoot our struggling pumpkin patch. One or two pumpkins should have grown from each of our six plants. What went wrong? Shirley explains that conditions, such as extremely hot weather, beyond our control resulted in just one very lonely pumpkin. But, with proper nurturing, fertilization, and pollination of female flowers, there's still time for more to grow.
1. High temperatures, low pollination rate, and lack of care can contribute to pumpkins dying.
2. Plants need high nitrogen formula in early plant growth and higher phosphorus formula, such as "5-10-5," just before blooming period. 3. Wet leaves cause diseases like powdery mildew. 4. Cut with pruners and leave a few inches of stem so it doesn't rot. 5. Cure pumpkin in the field for 10 days, if no frost. Learn more about how to "grow food with style" at Shirley Bovshow's and on Twitter @FoodieGardeners.

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