“Dancing with the Stars” Interview

Witney Carson and Carlos Penavega visit Home & Family to talk about this season of “Dancing with the Stars.” Witney likens her relationship with Carlos on the show to a sibling relationship. It is a family affair because Carlos’s wife, Alexa is also on the show. When it comes to memorable performances, Carlos says dancing to the song “Pony” was the most challenging because it was so uncomfortable and Witney agreed. After the interview, the two dance to “Amazing Grace” for the show.

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Baby's First Cake Smash - Home & Family

Cake Smash!

Debbie Matenopoulos is in the kitchen showing you how to bake the perfect cake for a baby’s first Cake Smash photo op. A lot of times, cake smashing is a baby’s first introduction to sugar to their diet so Debbie offers up a healthier recipe. She explains that applesauce, coconut oil and wheat flour are simple and healthier substitutions. Laura Nativo chimes in that you can even do a cake smash for your dog’s first birthday, using healthy dog-friendly ingredients. It helps to do a test run of a cake smash with your baby before the actual photo shoot to see how they react.

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George Foreman Cooks - Home & Family

George Foreman Stops By!

Legendary boxer George Foreman sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his legendary career, including his famous fight with Muhammad Ali, that resulted in a lifelong friendship. When it comes to victories out of the ring, George says it is his 13 grandchildren. After his interview, George joins Cristina in the kitchen talking about the importance of family meals. Using meat from his own butcher shop, George prepares BBQ Tri-Tip Sliders!

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Spooky Halloween Globes - Home & Family

Jill Whelan Interview

Actress and DIY Expert Jill Whelan returns to Home & Family to make Spooky Halloween Globes. She learned how to craft and DIY projects from her mother. Before getting started, she shares some of her favorite photos from Halloween episodes of her show, “Love Boat.” This year, Jill is excited to help her youngest son with his Star Wars costume.

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Creative Pet Grooming

Laura Nativo is back to talk about how creative grooming with your pets can be a safe, fun alternative to dressing them up in a Halloween costume this year. Nowadays you can purchase PetPaint, which is non-toxic and approved by NAPCG and veterinarian tested. Before painting the dog, make sure they are clean and washed. The best part is the that the paint naturally wears off in just a matter of days, so there is no need to worry about it getting all over the house.
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Helicopter and Lawn Mower Parenting - Home & Family

Helicopter and Lawn Mower Parenting

Kristin Smith gives the parents of Home & Family a parenting quiz to see which category they fall into: helicopter parents or lawn mower parents. She says the lawn mower parent is one step further than the helicopter parent. Cristina shares stories of her own helicopter parenting with her children years ago and says that type of parenting never goes away.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with this week’s deals for Hollywood Steals!

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Castle Front Door with Monster Hinges - Home & Family

DIY Frankenstein Castle Front Door

Tanya Memme and Ken Wingard team up to show you how to add a fun Halloween decoration to your house by making a Frankenstein Castle Front Door! The final product looks like wood and steel even though it is made of easy-to-cut foam core that you can find at your local craft score. The two encourage you to have fun with the texture and the colors for the door.

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