Thursday, October 12th, 2017

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Candy Apples - Home & Family

Caramel Apples

To get into the fall spirit, Ali Fedotwosky-Manno is in the kitchen making traditional caramel apples. Before getting started she recommends lightly rubbing the apple with a light grade sandpaper and washing. When it comes to applying topping, make sure you do it while the caramel is still hot and gooey so that it will stick to the apple. Once finished, let the apples refrigerate for 10-15 minutes.

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Melanie Shankle

New York Times best selling author of the book, “Church of the Small Things,” Melanie Shankle sits down with Mark and Debbie to share her belief in small miracles. She advises viewers at home to be on the lookout for their own tiny miracles and reminds you to never overlook them or take them for granted.

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DIY Cheese Grater Utensil Caddy - Home & Family

DIY Cheese Grater Utensil Caddy

Ken Wingard is getting you more organized in the kitchen with this DIY cheese grater utensil caddy. First, you will need to start with a vintage or metal box cheese grater. Make sure you have Gorilla Glue to help secure the wood to the top of the grater so utensils don’t fall out.

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Family Fire Safety

Captain Branden Silverman of the Los Angeles Fire Department visits Home & Family to show you how to create your own fire escape plan at home. He also advises you to teach your kids the life-saving importance of “get low and go!” if there is a fire in the house.

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Roma Downey Visits - Home & Family

Roma Downey

Actress and founder of LIGHTWORKERS, Roma Downey sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her time on the classic drama, “Touched by an Angel,” which you can catch 2:30/1:30c weekdays on Hallmark Drama. Roma also talks about her close relationship with former co-star, Della Reese, who is now 86 and still ministering. Roma lost her own mother at the age of 11 and always considered Della a second mother.

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Beer Battered Fish and Rosemary Roasted Chips - Home & Family

Beer Batter Fish with Rosemary Roast Chips

Chef and author of “Fresh,” Donal Skehan is back and in the kitchen and cooking traditional beer battered fish with homemade rosemary roast chips. If you want to keep beer out of the batter, you an always substitute in sparkling water, which will still keep the batter light and crisp. Make sure you make the batter just before you start frying the fish.

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Welcoming a Dog Into Your Home

Larissa Wohl is giving you some helpful pointers when it comes time to bringing a dog into your home. She reminds you that it is okay to feel overwhelmed with your new pet and make sure you don’t smother the dog with adoration, because it will create separation anxiety. It is also important to give your dog a week of “alone time” to adjust to their new surroundings and new home.

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Talitha Bateman

Actress Talitha Bateman visits Home & Family to talk about her new film, So. B. It. which you can catch in theaters today. Aside from acting, she also opens up about parenthood and shares photos of her family.

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Homemade Garlic Pretzels - Home & Family

Garlic Butter Pretzels

Owner of Baby Boy Bakery, Jacqui Saldana is in the kitchen making a delicious snack, homemade garlic butter pretzels. But it gets better! She also makes a creamy, cheesy sauce to go with the pretzels. She gives you tips on how to get your involved with making the pretzels and how to make the entire process fun.

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Giant Pumpkin Patch Photo Op

Looking to take fall pictures with the beautiful colors outside? Orly Shani is making a fun giant pumpkin photo op that you kids can even help out with. She warns you that this DIY involves insulation foam and it is important to wear work masks when dealing with it.