Jessica Lowndes Interview - Home & Family

Jessica Lowndes Interview

Actress Jessica Lowndes stop by Home & Family to talk about her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Merry Matrimony,” airing Sunday, November 22nd, 8/7c on Hallmark Channel. She jokes that in real life she doesn’t eat pizza with cheese, but her character did in a scene that required her to eat almost ten cheesy slices. Jessica left her Canada home when she was only 16 and moved to Los Angeles to be an actress and it all worked out!

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Braised Pork and Beef Ragu - Home & Family

Chef Jared Levy Cooks

The Executive Chef of Los Angeles’ Eveleigh restaurant, Jared Levy joins Cristina in the kitchen to make Braised Pork and Beef Ragu. Before getting started, Jared talks about how all of the ingredients used at his restaurant are fresh and locally sourced. He was inspired by cooking dishes like this by watching Julia Child on television as a child. He says the braising tip is to season the meat well, brown first and cook slow and low.

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Holiday Ornament Obelisk - Home & Family

Holiday Ornament Obelisk

Ken Wingard has a great DIY for the holidays, showing you how to make your own holiday ornament obelisk. Ken says to make sure you use plastic ornaments for this project so that they don’t shatter. He enlists the help of guests Jessica Lowndes and Nicky Whelan, who both admit have a lot to learn when it comes to DIYs.

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Wings of Rescue

Rick Browde and Cindy Smith of Wins of Rescue sit down with Mark and Cristina to talk about their organization, which is all about saving as many dogs as possible and placing rescues in new homes. More than 1,000 dogs will be flown across the country in 20 planes on November 20th, making it the biggest air transport in history. The organization is supported solely by donations and all of the pilots transporting the dogs to their new homes are volunteers.
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Nicky Whelan Interview

The actress stops by Home & Family to talk about her series, “Satisfaction," which airs Fridays, 10/9c on USA Network.  She hints that there are some great and juicy storylines coming up for her character on the show. Nicky is joined in the interview by her dog, Yoda. In real life, the Australian actress is a huge Star Wars fan and collects their toys. Mark and Cristina surprise her with Star Wars clothes and toys for Yoda.

Hallmark Plum Pudding - Home & Family

Spiced Plum Pudding

Cristina is back in the kitchen and this time she is joined by Mark to help her with making a Spiced Plum Pudding. She prepares the dish as a celebration of the upcoming Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Original Movie, “Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery,” premiering Sunday, November 22nd, 9/8c.

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Holiday Incense and Kindling - Home & Family

DIY Holiday Incense and Kindling

Shirley Bovshow shows you how easy it is to make your own incense and kindling. When bundling the incense and the kindling, make sure your rope is natural and not plastic, avoiding a foul smell when you light. When it comes to items that you shouldn’t burn she says to avoid oleander, due to toxic properties. This entire DIY will cost you five dollars!

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Holiday Fashion for Men

Lawrence Zarian is back to give you tips to keep your man in fashion this holiday season. He recommends focusing on one key piece then building the wardrobe from there. For example, get a great-fitted jacket, then dress around that jacket. Lawrence also says that 60’s chic is trending, again. Layer holiday colors to pop and finally, don’t be afraid to dress in 80’s glam.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of deals you can find at this week’s Hollywood Steals.

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Natural Remedies for Thinning Hair

Sophie Uliano talks about thinning hair, which can be caused hormonal changes, stress or low-functioning thyroid. She encourages you to visit your doctor if you notice hair loss at an alarming rate. Sophie says that pumpkin seeds can help prevent scalp dryness and sunflower seeds contain Vitamin E for healthy hair and scalp. Sardines and coconut oil help with a low-functioning thyroid. When ti comes to supplements, Sophie recommends Biotin and Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins.

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