June Squibb Interview

Oscar nominated-actress June Squibb stops by to talk about her new film, “Love the Coopers,” which hits theaters November 13th. June has a gentle beast of a co-star, a dog named “Rags.” She is joined in the interview by the dog, whose real name is named Bolt. June first started her acting career in her 60’s, making her debut in Woody Allen’s “Alice.” She recalls that acting was a career she didn’t think would take off and it did!

Give Thanks Wall Hangers - Home & Family

DIY “Give Thanks” Wall Hangers

Ken Wingard is back with a DIY idea that is perfect for Thanksgiving, “Give Thanks” Wall Hangers. He recommends using a utility knife to cut the wood. When gluing it all together, remember to use a darker shade of stain. This entire DIY will cost you as little as ten dollars!

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Cooks - Home & Family

Sarah Michelle Gellar Cooks

The actress and creator of “Foodstirs,” Sarah Michelle Gellar explains how baking was always intimidating to her, but when her young daughter took an interest in it, she decided it was time to pick up baking supplies. That was also how she came up with the idea of “Foodstirs” which is a  culinary website that offers baking kits delivered to your door! Every recipe is less than six steps and will only cost you $19.95 a month. She demonstrates her baking skills by making Thanksgiving Autumn Loaf from her kit with Mark's help.

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How to Save Mommy Memories

Kristin Smith has a new list of ways to save your mommy memories. She shows you how to create a secret email account to record milestones and your feelings to your child. Kristin also introduces Mark and Cristina to Groovebook, which generates a photo book of 100 photos straight from your smartphone. Finally, she shows you how she made a teddy bear imprint with paint and craft paper using a child’s old plush toy.

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The Travel Trio's Hot Tips - Home & Family

The Travel Trio Returns

Tracy O’Conner, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton and Donna Perkins are back to give you some travel tips for the holiday season. From shipping your holiday presents to your travel destination to finding the best deals for your plane tickets, the Travel Trio has you covered!

Fall Bounty Tablescape - Home & Family

Fall Bounty Tablescape

Shirley Bovshow shows you how to create you own fall bounty tablescape. She recommends searching for branches, flowers, acorns and seeds in your neighborhood. She wanted the tablescape to look like a beautiful garden. When you use basic materials, the entire DIY will cost you less than $30.

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National Caregivers Month - Home & Family

National Caregivers Month

Client Care Manager Kathy B. Carrica sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the importance of caregivers. November is National Caregivers Month and Kathy and Kathy reveals that professional caregivers can help with time management, companionship, medication assistance and transportation to appointments. When hiring a professional caregiver, you also ensure that your loved one is safe and well cared for.

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Capes and Ponchos

Lawrence Zarian discusses the latest winter trend: capes, ponchos and wraps! He hosts a fashion show featuring Home & Family members, who each love their new layered look!

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Fun Gifts for Guys

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for that guy in your life? Matt Iseman has you covered with the hottest items available. He introduces Mark to a variety of products, from wireless earbuds to sandal socks, Matt has something for every guy!

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