Thursday, May 25th, 2017

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Sherri Shepherd Visits

Actress and TV host, Sherri Shepherd is stops by to talk about her brand new line of wigs, “Lux Hair” which is both comfortable and stylish. She also explains that Lux Hair also provides lowlights and highlights. She even hosts a fashion show for the audience.

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Potato Gnocchi with Parmesan Sauce - Home & Family

Chef Mirko Paderno

The executive chef of Culina, Vinoteca, and Beverly Hills Four Seasons Mirko Paderno is in the Home & Family kitchen making potato gnocchi with parmesan sauce and mushrooms. When using the potatoes, make sure they are full of starch, like Idaho ones. For smoother dough, use “OO” flour.

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Three Ways to Style Your Windows - Home & Family

Three Ways to Style Your Windows

Looking to update your home’s look? Ken Wingard is showing you how to change up your windows in three different ways.

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The Return of the Seersucker

Lawerence Zarian explains that the classic seersucker look is back in style and hosts a fashion show to display the many ways you can sport the style.

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The Bod By Kym

Professional ballroom dancer Kym Johnson-Herjavec visits Home & Family to talk about her fitness routine, “The Bod By Kym.” She recently revamped the iconic Richard Simmons’ Slimmons Studio. Kym is also married to her season 20 “Dancing with the Stars” partner, “Shark Tank” star, Robert Herjavec and opens up about their relationship.

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How to Develop Your Intuition - Home & Family

How to Develop Your Intuitive

Intuitive medium Char Margolis sits down with Mark and Debbie to explain how people can get in touch with their intuition and how it can benefit your life by preventing problems and obtaining goals. This includes tapping into your fear and listening to “bad vibes.”

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Best Remedies for Root Regrowth

Kym Douglas is giving you a list of the best products you can use to eat home to help with nourishing your hair roots.

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Sakara Life Meal Delivery - Home & Family

Sakara Life

Danielle DuBois and Whitney Tingle talk about their meal delivery, Sakara Life, which focuses on foods that are nutrient dense, plant-based, hydrating and organic.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of deals from Hollywood Steals.

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DIY Patchwork Backpack - Home & Family

DIY Patchwork Backpack

Orly Shani is updating her backpack’s look with some creative patchwork using fabric, embroidery floss and a needle.