Thursday, May 24th, 2018

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Gougeres with Comte Cream - Home & Family

Gougeres with Comte Filling

Owner and executive chef of Gwen and Maude Restaurants Curtis Stone in the kitchen making a delicious dish. Today, he's preparing gougeres with comte filling. He also breaks down what wine you should pair with this dish.

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Joan Lunden

TV host/author/health advocate Joan Lunden sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about some of her most iconic interviews, including Prince Charles, Gerald Ford and Betty Ford. She also opens up about her online series, “At Home with Joan.”

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DIY Activity Table - Home & Family

DIY Activity Table

Maria Provenzano is putting together a DIY activity table that would be perfect for those with young children.

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Hot Sandals for Summer

Lawrence Zarian is introducing you to the hottest sandals to check out this summer. You can find all of these looks at

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DIY Memorial Day Decor

TV personality and lifestyle expert Trish Suhr is getting you ready for the Memorial Day weekend with these DIYs. Today she is making her own star lanterns and lawn stars.

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Rosalee's Waffles

Actress and author of "Grace + Soul & Mother Wit," Daphne Maxwell Reid is making some tasty waffles. For light waffles, she recommends leaving the egg white bubbles in the batter.

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Avoiding Summer Slide

Parenting reporter Donna Tetreault is giving you some tips on how to keep your kids interested in learning throughout summer. She recommends setting up fun math and reading challenges. Each of the family members share what they do to keep their kids busy during the summer, as well.

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Rum Raisin Pound Cake - Home & Family

Rum Raisin Pound Cake

Author of “Daisy Cake Bakes,” Kim Nelson is in the kitchen making a mouth-watering rum raisin pound cake with homemade sauce. Before getting started on the cake, soak the raisins in the rum for up to two days.

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DIY Christmas Spool Trees

Ken Wingard is showing you how to get into the holiday spirit by making these fun Christmas spool trees. Make sure you keep all the materials at proportion when making this DIY.

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