Michael Nouri Interview - Home & Family

Michael Nouri Interview

Actor Michael Nouri stops by to talk about playing the role of lawyer “Thanasis”on the NBC mini-series “The Slap.” The actor also brings a clip from the show for Mark and Cristina to watch. When it comes to disciplining, Michael believes that before you actually slap someone, slap yourself to think about it. He does not believe in physical reprimanding. Michael also serves as an ambassador for the organization, Seeds of Peace.

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Crispy Date Bars - Home & Family

Marjorie Johnson Bakes!

Marjorie Johnson is back in the kitchen and this time she’s baking up Crispy Date Bars! The multiple Blue Ribbon and Sweepstakes winner has won awards for everything from cookies to breads. Marjorie also has her own cookbook out, “The Road to Blue Ribbon Baking.”

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All About Curves

Beauty Expert Kym Douglas gives you some helpful fashion tips to hide those problem areas. Body contouring dresses give the illusion of a smaller waist and curvy shape, color blocking tricks the eye to see a smaller waist. This is a trick a lot of celebrities use on the red carpet!

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Mircea Monroe Interview
Actress Mircea sits down with Mark and Cristina and jokes about her character in the HBO show, “Episodes.” Mircea’s character on the show is lying about her age, so Mark and Cristina play a little game with her called, “Who’s Older?” having her guess the age of famous people. The actress also shares memories of what it was like growing up in the South Pacific islands.

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Do It Yourself Felt Boards - Home & Family

DIY Felt Boards

Tanya Memme is back and this time she is making do it yourself felt boards. Marjorie joins in on the fun as Tanya shows just how easy it is to do the project. Tanya shows a video of how much fun her own daughter, Ava had with decorating her felt board.

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Matt Roger’s Survival Skills - Home & Family

Matt Rogers’ Survival Skills

Matt introduces Mark to the ResQme tool which is helpful when you might find yourself in a bind!  The ResQme cuts through seat belts easily if you are trapped in your car and you can use the ResQme to break the car window by pressing on the corner of the glass. Meanwhile another tool, the Lifestraw filters out bacteria in water for safe drinking and is certified by the EPA.

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The Importance of Vitamins - Home & Family

Important Nutrients for the Hair, Skin, Nails and Body

Dr. JJ emphasizes that beauty starts from the inside, therefore you should start taking vitamins early. Biotin helps maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. Vitamin B-6, B-12, and Niacin support the body’s metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, Vitamin C is essential for forming collagen throughout the body, Vitamin E helps protect cells from damaging free radicals, and Zinc is the key to cellular metabolism. Vitafusion Gummies are the perfect way to get these vitamins.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with the latest Hollywood Steals.
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Magic Chef Electric Knife
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Stephanie Dawn Quilted Handbags
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Debbie Talks Hair

Debbie Matenoupolos and celebrity stylist Briana Cisneros talk about the latest popular hairstyle: tortoiseshell.  Tortoiseshell hair is a softer version of ombre and everybody can pull off this look! The benefits of tortoiseshell hair it that it lasts longer than highlights, it looks natural and it grows out.

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