Melissa Gilbert’s Shepherd’s Pie - Home & Family

Melissa Gilbert Interview

Actress Melissa Gilbert stops by to talk about her role on the ABC drama “Secrets and Lies.” Melissa also opens up about her marriage to actor Timothy Busfield, who she tied the knot with in 2013. Afterwards, Melissa joins Cristina in the kitchen to make one of her favorite dishes, Shepherd’s Pie from her cookbook, “My Prairie Cookbook.” Melissa also talks about her childhood role on the iconic show, “Little Home on the Prairie,” a show that had such an impact on her life that she named her son Michael after her late co-star, Michael Landon, who played her father.

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Do It Yourself Console Tables - Home & Family

DIY Console Tables

Ken Wingard shows you how easy it is to make your own console tables. The wood that Ken used when making his own tables were from an old building that was torn down near Home & Family. The wood was thick and strong and made for a perfect sturdy table. Dusting off old wood makes for a great industrial and modern look.
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Laila Ali Takes on Child Obesity - Home & Family

Laila Ali Stays Active

Former Boxing Champion Laila Ali shares ways to keep her children moving! She recently became the spokesperson USTA Youth Tennis. Laila admits she is not even that good at tennis, but it is a fun way to stay active and it keeps her children entertained. The USTA has made special sized tennis courts and bigger tennis balls to make it easier for kids to play. Laila has made it her mission to fight child obesity and tours the nation giving lectures to schools. It was Laila’s own father, the legendary Muhammad Ali who encouraged her to be active as a child.

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Microwave Recipes - Home & Family

Microwave Cooking

Mark joins Kym in the kitchen as she talks about her secret weapon to cooking: the microwave. In this day and age when we are always on the go, the microwave is an excellent way to speed up the breakfast process. Kym poaches an egg using the microwave and even makes french toast. Mark is surprised at just how good it is!

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Love and Matchmaking

Matchmaker and relationship expert Steven Ward gives pointers to single parents hitting the dating scene, again. He advises that you should communicate with your children about dating, date people who understand children aren’t baggage, conduct a background search on potential dates and always remember that your kids give final approval on who you should date.

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DIY Sleepy Time Easter Bunny - Home & Family

DIY Sleepy Time Easter Bunny
Sophie Uliano shows you how you can make your own Sleepy Time Easter Bunny using a stuffed bunny, rice, dried lavender, oil, needle and thread. Lavender helps ease anxiety and insomnia and the smell can last six months. The total cost of the DIY Sleepy Time Easter Bunny will cost you $10!

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Record Breaker

David Fisher is the Guinness World Record Holder for most rope jumps in a minute and has been clocked at 100mph in rope speed! David now travels the world teaching people how to jump rope. He demonstrates his crazy tricks for Home & Family. Cristina jokes that she is exhausted from just watching David and all of his advanced moves! Then Melissa Gilbert joins in to show off the jump rope skills David taught her.

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Ingrown Toenails

Matt Iseman MD talks about the pain of ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails occur when the corner or side of the toenail grows into the soft flesh. Bad footwear is the number one cause of ingrown toenails. To treat ingrown toenails, soak feet, use cotton or dental floss underneath the nail, antibiotic cream, pain relievers and start wearing sensible shoes. In order to prevent ingrown toenails, wear properly fitted shoes, check feet regularly, and trim nails straight across.

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