Thursday, March 15th, 2018

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Cathy Bissell

Bissell Pet Foundation founder Cathy Bissell sits down with Home & Family to talk about the important work the foundation does. This includes their main goal to lessen the number of animals in shelters. She also discusses the importance of spaying and neutering your animals, to help prevent millions of unwanted litters annually. She later teams up with Larissa to introduce pet owners to some helpful products for the house.

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Pulled Chicken Sammies - Home & Family

Pulled Chicken Sammies

Chef and cookbook author of “Rustic, Joyful, Food” Danielle Kartes is making some scrumptious pulled chicken sammies. Before baking the buns, brush them with melted butter or olive oil to enhance the flavor. You can prepare the chicken ahead of time and freeze until it is time to make the sandwiches.

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DIY Flower Spill - Home & Family

DIY Spring Flower Spills

Shirley Bovshow is teaming up with Ken Wingard to make DIY spring flower spills using an air duct, reducing pipe, tin snips, wood, a rubber mallet and drill. When you are done you can swap out the flowers as the seasons change.

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Grace Byers

Actress Grace Byers sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her new picture book “I am Enough” and her drama series, “Empire,” which you can watch Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX. She also shares photos from her childhood and discusses the importance of loving who you are.

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Edible Wedding Confetti - Home & Family

Edible Wedding Confetti

In celebration of Sunday’s all-new episode of Hallmark Channel’s Original Series, “When Calls the Heart,” Debbie is making edible spiced almonds that can also serve as excellent wedding favors. To bring out the maximum flavor, toast the nuts on an open skillet.

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DIY St. Patrick's Day Tablescape - Home & Family

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Tablescape

Maria Provenzano is getting into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with this DIY tablescape using a large clay pot, white and green paint, black ribbon and gold glitter. She also creates another DIY tablescape using rainbow ribbon candy.

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Madeline Carroll

Actress Madeline Carroll visits Home & Family to talk about her new movie, “I Can Only Imagine,” which opens in theaters March 16th. The movie also stars Dennis Quaid and Trace Adkins.

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Mixed Print Fashion Show

Lawrence Zarian is showing you the proper way to wear print fashions by hosting a fashion show with a variety of looks.

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Dr. Kevin Leman

Best selling author Dr. Kevin Leman visits Home & Family to discuss his new book, “Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours.” He also discusses permissive parenting compared to authoritative parenting.