Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

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Annie Ilonzeh

The actress, Annie Ilonzeh sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her new film, “All Eyez on Me,” available now in theaters. In the film about Tupac Shakur, Annie plays Kidada Jones, daughter of Quincy Jones. She also opens up about how emotionally tough her final scenes were in the film.

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Fried Whitefish with Potato Hash - Home & Family

Chef James Rigato

The chef and owner of Mabel Gray and Root restaurants, James Rigato is in the kitchen preparing cornmeal fried whitefish with potato hash. He emphasizes the importance of using fresh fish for this dish. Best part is you can use the leftover hash for breakfast in the morning, by just adding a fried egg to it.

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Transformation Make-Up

Kym Douglas teams up with Hollywood special-effects make-up artist Shelby Patton to bring you the magic of make-up and shows how it can dramtically transform your look.

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DIY Wedding Anniversary Pinata - Home & Family

DIY Wedding Anniversary Piñata

Paige Hemmis is joined by her husband Jason Short to talk about their wedding anniversary. Today, they are showing you how to make a wedding piñata with a paper mache box, crepe paper, ribbon and craft glue. The best part about this DIY is that it will only cost $10.

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Jonathan Goldsmith

The so-called "Most Interesting Man in the World," Jonathan Goldsmith sits down with Debbie and Mark to talk about his iconic career. He even shares some of his favorite photos, including one with President Obama!

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Chelsey Reist

Actress Chelsea Reist visits Home & Family to talk about her series, “The 100,” which currently has all four seasons streaming on Netflix. Chelsey also reveals being a huge fan of horror films in real life, recounting the time she first saw the movie, “The Shining,” at the age of 11.

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Debbie’s Tailoring Tips

Debbie is giving you her professional tailoring tips that you can follow at home. This includes taking wide legs from your pants and taking them in for a more slimmer look. She also shows you how a few tweaks to a dress can make it feel couture.

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Smoothie Bowls - Home & Family

Smoothie Bowls

Sophie Uliano is in the kitchen making smoothie bowls which she recommends serving in fruit bowls. She points out that when you eat instead of drink your meal, you send a message to your brain that you are full.

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Cats and Kittens

Samantha Bell of Best Friends LA Animal Shelter talks to Home & Family about cats vs. kittens and which one is best for you. If you decide on getting a kitten, remember that they require a lot of time and attention. A lot of kittens also benefit from having a feline companion. Kittens are considered full grown at the age of 9 months.

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DIY Glow Orb - Home & Family

DIY Glow Orbs

Ken Wingard is taking a beach ball, holiday lights and tape and making his own colorful orb. You can change the lights out to match every holiday. The entire cost of this DIY is $10, compared to $610 if you bought it in a store.

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