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Autumn Reeser Interview

The actress stops by Home & Family to talk about her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Valentine Ever After,” which premieres February 13th at 9/8c. Autumn plays the role of Julia, who falls in love while on a trip to a dude ranch. In real life, she is also a mother of two and encourages her young sons to explore with art, even if it backfires when they end up drawing on the furniture!

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Chicken Piccata - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks

Cristina is in the kitchen preparing a mouth-watering dish of Chicken Piccata and Sautéed Spinach. Cristina call this a romantic meal because it won’t leave you feeling overstuffed and isn’t time consuming to make. She pairs the dish with some delicious heart-shaped potatoes. Finally, she advises you to not overcook the garlic because it will taste bitter.

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Scandal-ize Your Wardrobe - Home & Family

"Scandal-ize" Your Fashion

The costume designer from “Scandal” and “Shameless,” Lyn Paolo pops by Home & Family to talk about her job. She describes what it is like to collaborate with the creator of “Scandal,” Shonda Rimes and how together they get to create main character Olivia Pope’s signature look. In real life, her biggest advice is to wear clothes that look good on you and don’t be a slave to fashion. After her interview, Lyn is joined by Lawrence Zarian and together they host a fashion show, featuring some of her favorite signature looks from the show.

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DIY Floral Arrangement in a Chocolate Box - Home & Family

DIY Valentine’s Floral Arrangement

Ken Wingard shows you how to make your very own Valentine’s Day floral arrangement using a chocolate box. He recommends saving money by buying roses that are past their prime since you will be cutting of their stems. He also says you can swap out the roses for carnations. After Valentine’s Day, you can swap out the roses for succulents and have a year-round arrangement.

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Kearran Giovanni Interview

The “Major Crimes” actress sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about the return of her TNT drama, which has its season premiere February 15th at 9/8c. Kearran just received Equity’s “Gypsy Robe” for her part in the play “Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway.” The accomplished Broadway actress talks about what it was like making the move from New York to Los Angeles. Aside from acting, Kearran loves crafting and scrapbooking is her favorite activity to do with her two daughters.

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Potato Batteries - Home & Family

Potato Batteries

Dan Kohler is in the kitchen and this time he is showing you how to make your very own Potato Batteries. Using galvanized nails, an alligator clip, LED light and potatoes, Dan creates his own batteries. Dan points out that boiled potatoes will produce ten times more energy than raw potatoes.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of deals you can find at this week’s Hollywood Steals.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Cristina’s daughter, Arianna Thomopoulos stops by to show you a list of fun Valentine’s Day gift ides for the man in your life. Arianna is the creator of The Modern Date Girlfriend site, which features dating advice for the digital age. When it comes to fun gift ideas she suggests gift certificates of pre-planned dates and even a man bouquet that features items like car fresheners, candies, candles and protein bars.

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Ask Orly

Orly Shani sits down to answer to some of your questions from Facebook!

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