Thursday, August 4th, 2016

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John Salley Interview - Home & Family

John Salley and Taya Salley

The NBA icon and co-owner of Vegan Vine Wines is joined by his daughter, Taya to talk about their vegan lifestyle, which consists of a plant-based diet that contains no foods that come from animals. John also describes how much responsibility he feels being an athlete and a positive role model for children. His messaging is to always find ways to give back and live up to their biggest potential. Taya is a successful track athlete and she credits her vegan diet to improving her performance, since she’s been a vegan since she was four years old. With John’s new Vegan Vine Wines, he uses no animal products in the product and pairs it with vegan cheese.

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Mentalist Magician

Oz Perlman is a self-described mental magician who explains the concept of what kind of magic he performs. He even demonstrates his magic on Debbie, which leaves everybody else in the audience stunned. Debbie even admits she is a little freaked out when Oz shows off his card tricks.

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Feeling like a Mermaid - Home & Family

Products that Make You Feel Like a Mermaid

Kym Douglas is here to show you some helpful products that leave you feeling like a mermaid. From a Pink Mermaid Festival Face Pack or some fun colorful nail polish, Kym has you covered.

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No So Common Pets

Veterinarian Evan Antin visits Home & Family talks about no so common pets people can think about getting that are not as time consuming as a dog or cat. He introduces Mark and Debbie to all types of reptiles, including an iguana and tortoise. As always, do your research before getting any type of pet, also check in with your local authorities about permits you might need for getting any exotic pets.

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DIY Cloud Light - Home & Family

DIY Cloud Light

Orly Shani is celebrating baby today by showing you how to make a DIY cloud light. She thinks it works great as a nightlight for a nursery and can act as a calming decoration, as well. One of the best parts that Orly likes to point out is that this DIY is also gender-neutral, so you can create it without knowing the sex of your baby.

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Blackened Cauliflower - Home & Family

Blackened Cauliflower

Chef and owner of Los Angeles’s Scratch Bar, Phillip Frankland Lee is in the Home & Family kitchen preparing one of his favorite vegan dishes, blackened cauliflower. The vegan chef explains that he first became vegan after being diagnosed with a cholesteatoma tumor and started exploring different diet options. After making the appetizer, he recommends using the cauliflower stocks and turning them into chips.

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Fashion Trends Over 30

Fashion stylist Jen Principe is here to talk about some of the hottest fashion trends for women over 30. She explains that off the shoulder outfits are flattering for women of all ages, and one of her number one tip is to know your body and what looks best. You don’t always have to follow the trends out there.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a whole new list of deals you can find at this week’s Hollywood Steals.

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DIY Concrete Planters - Home & Family

DIY Concrete Planter

Ken Wingard is showing you how to turn cinderblock caps and concrete adhesive into an actual concrete planter for your yard. He recommends trying a different shade of concrete to match your garden. For a larger display, use multiple planters. This entire DIY will only cost you six dollars.

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