Thursday, April 6th, 2017

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Kellie Martin Visits - Home & Family

Kellie Martin

The actress sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie, “Hailey Dean Mystery: Deadly Estate,” which premieres Sunday, April 9th, at 9/8c. She opens up about channeling the emotions of her character, Hailey since the loss of her fiancee. Kellie also shares a personal story about her daughter Olivia’s recent first birthday.

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Powder Power

Kym Douglas is introducing you to a variety of beauty powders to leave your skin feeling clean, silky and smooth.

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Nick Liberato Cooks - Home & Family

Mussels with Kaffir Lime Cream

The executive chef from “The Venice Whaler,” Nick Liberato is in the kitchen preparing a delicious seafood dish, mussels with kaffir lime cream. While cooking, Nick talks about some of his most famous encounters including The Rock, Will Ferrell, Jerry Seinfeld and Johnny Knoxville.

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DIY Tunic Dress - Home & Family

DIY Panel Tunic Top

Orly Shani shows you the perfect no-sew project: a panel tunic top. She recommends that when you select the 1.5 yards of fabric, to make sure that it matches the rest of your wardrobe. The entire cost of this project is only around $28.

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Aisha Hinds

The actress visits Home & Family to talk about WGN’s series, “Underground,” which airs Wednesdays at 10/9c. In the drama, Aisha plays the iconic Harriet Tubman. She also talks about growing up performing skits in group homes and later as a teenager, performing in prisons.

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DIY Glass Wind Chime - Home & Family

DIY Glass Wind Chime

Ken Wingard is making his own glass wind chime using votives, wooden beads and fishing line. He explains that the chimes are rooted in Chinese “Feng Shui.” The musical sounds that the chimes make are supposed to cleanse negative energies while attracted good fortune and prosperity. This entire DIY is less than $20 per finished product.

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“The Boy Who Knew Too Much”

Baseball prodigy Christian Haupt sits down with Mark and Debbie and is joined by his mother Cathy to talk about his special gift. Cathy talks about her son’s obsession with baseball trivia even as a toddler and his remembering of past-life experiences, something that made her feel conflicted due to her religious beliefs.

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Cheddar Corn Casserole - Home & Family

Debbie Cooks

Debbie is back in the kitchen and this time she is preparing cheddar corn casserole with the help of Del Monte canned corn. Del Monte is her go-to because it only contains corn, water and salt and is also non-GMO.

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Hollywood Steals

Sandie Newton is back with a new list of deals!

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