Leeza Gibbons

Interview with Leeza Gibbons

TV Personality and “Celebrity Apprentice” winner Leeza Gibbons joins the show to talk about her experience with Donald Trump and being a contestant on the reality show. Her victory was a sweet one and she shares a clip from the final episode. She then discusses the jewelry lines that she has developed in honor of caregivers anywhere. The designs symbolize the idea of an embrace during difficult moments in life. She also discussed the advancements in science for Alzheimer’s disease. This is an important cause for her as her own mother developed the disease.

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Spring Pea Hummus with Croutons

Spring Pea Hummus with Black Olive Croutons

Chef Michael Voltaggio talks about his new show “Breaking Borders” which airs on the Travel Channel. The show explores cuisine, history and cultures in conflict zones. He shares a clip, and then rolls up his sleeves to get cooking! Today Michael prepares a springtime dish of Hummus with Croutons which uses blanched green peas, garlic and tahini as a base for this healthy recipe.

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Alan Powell Interview

Actor and Musician Alan Powell joins Mark and Cristina to talk about his first starring role in the upcoming feature film, “The Song.” The movie is about a young man who writes a song that propels him to stardom, and explores the demands that fame brings. He shares that he drew on his own experiences as a musician for the role.

“The Song” is available on and iTunes.

Dan Kohler’s Kitchen Swap-Outs
Dan Kohler’s Kitchen Swap-Outs

Dan Kohler is on hand to show off some little known kitchen swap-outs for when you realize you are out of a certain ingredient! You can swap all purpose flour and corn starch for cake flour. For powdered sugar, use baking soda and Cream of Tartar. You can swap out whole milk and vinegar for buttermilk, and finally you can use cocoa powder and butter as a chocolate substitute!

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Interview with Renee Airya

Fashion model and brain tumor facial paralysis survivor Renee Airya visits Home & Family to talk about “Flipping Your Flaws.” Renee explains that this term is a movement about shifting your perception of a flaw as a defect to the things that make us unique and memorable! Renee got involved in the healing arts in her 20’s, and kept careful journals. She had started to repeatedly write a message about something wrong with her and she decided to see a doctor. It turned out to be a slow growing brain tumor. During surgery to remove it, she suffered facial paralysis on the right side. She focused on healing and is proud to share her story of success.

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DIY Ice Cube Facials
DIY Ice Cube Facials

Sophie Uliano shows off what you need to make refreshing ice cube facials! They are more natural, more potent and much less expensive than facials at spas. Sophie demonstrates homemade facial concoctions for several skin issues.

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Hollywood Steals

It is time again for Hollywood Steals with Sandie Newton! This week, here are the featured deals:

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Neo Nano Pro Ionic Hairdryers
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Why Children’s Illnesses Get Worse at Night

Dr. JJ Levenstein is back with more information about health issues that seem to worsen during the night time hours. She addresses coughing symptoms, swollen vocal cords, and earaches.

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Ask Tanya Memme

Tanya takes Facebook questions from viewers! She talks about crafting with Ava, how to get creative without a craft store nearby, and about her love of Tottel towels which are made for kids.

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