Psychotherapist and Editor-At-Large for “Live Happy,” Stacy Kaiser shares tips for healthy relationships.

Life can be so demanding that it’s easy to overlook those who matter most to us. Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser shares tips for strengthening our most important relationships.

Romantic Relationships:

1. Put your partners happiness and well-being equal to your own

A. Work on compromises

B. Put yourself in their shoes with empathy and compassion

2. Create a foundation of respect, trust, laughter and adoration.

A. Use good communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal that express respect and honesty.

B. Two of the best ways to connect are to laugh together and to compliment one another. I think both of these are accomplished by leaving little notes in hidden places filled with compliments, like on the dashboard of the car or in a drawer for the person to spontaneously find.


1. Work at having an equal give and take

A. Make sure that you are not in a situation where you are just asking your friend for things and not giving them anything back. Go out of your way to show them how much you care, by offering to help them with something they need help with, like babysitting or gardening.

B. Invest time in shared interests (This really also applies to all other relationships, but it’s about doing hobbies together and activities together that you both enjoy).


1. Build a foundation of self-confidence, responsibility, resilience and kindness

2. Know when to move in and out of the role of the disciplinarian and the role of the fun parent.

Work Relationships:

1. Build and maintain an environment that feels like a team

A. Do bonding activities like having a meal together, going bowling, asking for feedback on what people like and dislike about the workplace.

2. Use a balance of praise and constructive criticism

A. In a work environment, people sometimes need criticism. Make sure it is delivered in a kind way and includes some compliments about their work.

B. Compliment people for no reason, this should be done in every relationship not just work.

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